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To date, Aaron Sorkin has had one of the most famous and respected careers a screenwriter can have. He has developed a number of popular series and a number of whip-smart films that define his career as a fast-speaking writer whose characters are always on the move. Now, Sorkin's career has evolved to the point of stepping behind the camera with his third directorial film. Be the Ricardos, currently in production.

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Throughout his career, Sorkin has authored stories on topics that may not be cinematic or engaging in nature. He only finds a way into her and lets her work. Three of his films (malice, The American President, and Charlie Wilson's war) don't quite crack its top ten, as voted by the users of IMDb. But that's nothing to be ashamed of because the list is as top notch as it is.

10 Steve Jobs: 7.2

There is a case that needs to be done Steve Jobs should be a lot higher on the list, but ranked 10th with a rating of 7.2 isn't overly shabby. The 2015 biopic of Michael Fassbender, the great Kate Winslet and Seth Rogen was in Danny Boyle's hands, but the script is undoubtedly Sorkin.

There are three or four really electric moments building on the dialogue in the film and a dozen and a half lines of "I wish I had thought of that". It's the definitive film about Apple's intricate figurehead that should grow favorably over time.

9 Molly's game: 7.4

2017’s Molly's game, Sorkins follow up too Steve Jobs and his directorial debut starred Jessica Chastain as Molly Bloom, a potential Olympian who became the leader of a sprawling, celebrity poker game.

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There are the occasional moments when Sorkin injects his patented pathos into scenes where it might otherwise not be justified. All in all, however Molly's game is a fun, charming endeavor that has proven that Sorkin's career can move forward.

8 Moneyball: 7.6

Another script he couldn't direct, 2011 Moneyball belonged to Bennett Miller. In the lead role of Brad Pitt, he tells the story of Billy Beane, General Manager of Oakland Athletics, and how he revolutionized the sport of baseball.

Moneyball is one case where Sorkin's sentimentality really shines. It also has a formidable argument in favor of being one of the best sports films of all time, considering that it prioritizes the characters and conflicts over the actual game.

7 A few good men: 7.7

Sorkin's first big foray into a world beyond the side came in 1992 when Rob Reiner brought him A couple of good men to life on the big screen. It's the kind of movie that'll get someone blank for the rest of their career, and Sorkin cashed it well.

Obviously, the film is best known for its climatic confrontation between Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson. But the film goes to great lengths to build and deserve that explosion, which showed that Sorkin could cover all of the beats in film history.

6 The social network: 7.7

It was David Fincher who took it The social network, the story of Mark Zuckerberg and the founding of Facebook. Some have made the argument that it was the best movie of the decade. Either way, it's a true Sorkin classic.

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As you know, the script of The social network asked his stars to speak as quickly as possible. However, the nomination for the best picture in 2010 is about more than just dialogue. It was the story of a man's hubris that dismantled everything he thought he had ever loved.

5 The trial of Chicago 7: 7.8

Sorkin's latest publication in the world, The Chicago Trial 7currently expects some potential Oscar wins. Until then, it can be watched on Netflix, where it immediately became a classic on the streamer.

That is the power of Sorkin. A movie of his arrives on Netflix and anyone who signs up realizes how magnetic and re-recordable his stories are. That 2020 release brought him back to the courtroom and hooked him up with stars like Sacha Baron Cohen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. You must have seen something like this.

4 sports night: 8.2

The four top rated Sorkin projects on IMDb are all of his television shows. Starting with its first entry, Sports nightIt is often viewed as an acclaimed series that was canceled too early.

Tribute to the 1990s era sport Center with Keith Olbermann and Dan Patrick, Sports night played Peter Krause, Josh Charles and Felicity Huffman. Like many Sorkin projects, it dealt with fascinating topics before its time and seemed effortlessly cool doing the same.

3 Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: 8.2

The short-lived of Sorkin's series was Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. With Matthew Perry eagerly awaited by NBC, he was considered an unstoppable juggernaut before it even aired.

However, 30 skirt, which began at the same time, ended up as the "Behind the Scenes Sketch Show" series that lasted. Studio 60While it clearly has its supporters, it was the only Sorkin show to be canceled after an arch.

2 The newsroom: 8.6

Sorkin in his most unleashed form can be seen on HBOs The newsroom. After all, with no network censors or audience concerns, he got to create a series that was blatantly his own, mistakes and everything.

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The newsroom It may not be the most memorable Sorkin series, but it clearly has an excellent reputation with IMDb. It also earned Jeff Daniels an Emmy win, and gave Dev Patel and Emily Mortimer the regular roles they deserved.

1 The west wing: 8.8

To be at the top of the Sorkin list, however, is The western wing. Should anyone be surprised? The western wing isn't just a Sorkin staple; It is considered the all-timer in the pantheon of television dramas.

Granted, the 8.8 is more likely to come in the years Sorkin was on the show than in the later seasons when he left the program. But only the episode “Two Cathedrals” and the entire character of CJ Cregg deserve the top position.

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