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Tomorrow's Mercedes: Four-door S-Class Coupé "SSC"?

Would a four-door coupe above the Mercedes CLS be conceivable?

Created September 26th, 2013

When it first appeared, the new S-Class from Mercedes-Benz sparked enthusiasm and then speculation about possible model variants based on the new Mercedes-S-Class. A convertible is just as conceivable as a four-door coupé above the Mercedes CLS, which trades as a luxury-class coupé, but is known to be based on the E-class platform. The pixel pushing of the freelance graphic artist Theophilus Chin shows that the idea of ​​a larger four-door luxury coupé is not so absurd.

Incidentally, he calls his design of a four-door S-Class Coupé the Mercedes-Benz SSC - which is meant as an homage to the Mercedes-Benz SSK (Super Sport Kurz) Roadster (1928-1932). How he comes up with this analogy, of course, remains his secret. In contrast to the model itself, the model name and its derivation seem a bit meaningless to us. Now the question is: Would a four-door luxury coupé above the CLS have a right to exist or does such a model ultimately only trigger a cannibalization effect in its own ranks? (Images: Theophilus Chin)

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