How can I improve my writing for PTE?

Thoughts of a student on homeschooling in the corona crisis

The current situation does not leave the children unaffected either. The following report of an eighth grader with reading / writing difficulties about his experiences with homeschooling in Corona times shows how you can feel that. By Adrian, 8th grade (name changed by editor)

How do teachers deal with online teaching?

In this difficult time with Corona there are many problems that need to be resolved. One of them is: How do teachers deal with online teaching? Should you just give the students texts and they should learn it themselves or would it be better if you give the students explanatory videos?

I myself have had the experience that you can cover topics in math, e.g. B. is much easier to understand through explanatory videos, because there the things are represented graphically. Because very often it happens that many teachers only give out worksheets. Then we should just edit them and then return them.

But the bigger problem is that you can't write any papers during this time and you can't really do a lot of new material.

Big problem: missing PCs or printers

Some students also have other problems. For example, some families only have one laptop or PC and when several family members have to use it, there is a problem.

The problem is even bigger when a family doesn't have a PC, laptop or printer at all.

But I think the worst thing is that a lot of teachers don't know how to use computers and technology. For example, some teachers do not understand how to upload an assignment or how to write an email. So last year we had a teacher who probably couldn't write e-mails. Because if you wrote her an email, she didn't reply to it. She still made a homework entry when she wanted to tell the parents something. I think that maybe you can do something like that in elementary school, but not in eighth grade.

In Germany, however, the general problem is that schools are not equipped with the latest technology and once you have the equipment, it is very rarely used.

Very often it also happens that students are distracted from their families or other things while homeschooling. For example, my parents come into my room and talk to me about some topic or tell me to come to eat or do other things.

But another problem at home is that you don't have breaks, for example, and then you work maybe three or four hours. This makes it much easier to make mistakes with the tasks.

Conclusion and suggestion for improvement

Overall, I think that homeschooling works okay to some extent. Because our school actually managed it very well, because we get our assignments via the Internet and can hand them in again there.

The only suggestion for improvement would be that teachers might upload learning videos. Then math, physics and chemistry, for example, would be easier to understand.

This report comes from a young person who is being cared for in a PTE facility due to a reading / spelling disorder. Spelling and commas have been corrected for readability. The original text was adopted largely unchanged due to its authenticity.

Many thanks to Adrian from the 8th grade of a grammar school: We have changed your name for data protection reasons, but you know for sure that we mean YOU: o)