How do ostriches attack

When the lion gets scared ...

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Always on guard. Always on the go. The ostrich is a high speed escape animal.

If the lion gets scared, it could be because of an ostrich. Ostriches are pretty dangerous. With their sharp claws on their feet, they can seriously injure and kill lions, explains Jens Kohlhaus, the owner of the camel farm in Sternberger Burg. Kohlhaus himself keeps many ostriches on his farm. From the time of the dinosaurs, ostriches have two finger bones at the end of their wings, the upper one with a sharp claw.

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Two kilos of fried egg

The ostriches belong to the ratite family, as do rheas, cassowaries and emus. There are different types of ostrich, such as the blue-necked ostrich, which can also be found on the camel farm. All ostriches look the same until they molt after the first year of life and can weigh up to 180 kilograms. Here at the Kamelhof, however, the animals only weigh 80 kilos because they are still young. Ostriches lay eggs that are slightly smaller than a football. An ostrich egg can weigh up to two kilograms. A full-grown man could stand on such an egg without it breaking.

Strong legs, extremely small brain

Ostriches can only run forward, which is because they have an extremely small brain. This in turn is due to the fact that all of the space in the skull is used for the eyes. In the steppe, ostriches have to look very far. In addition, there is enough room to turn around in their native South Africa, so they don't have to walk backwards.

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When ostriches suck their fingers ...

At the Kamelhof in Sternberger Burg there are not only camels. 100 ostriches also live in the Kohlhaus family's zoo. NDR Newcomernews attended the feeding. 5 min