What screams I'm an INFP

Introvert vs Extrovert

The older I get, the more introverted I become - with people I know well, where I feel good, who know ME, but then again very extroverted.
I like social contact in real life with strangers less and less, my tolerance level for ignorance and also simple stupidity decrease from year to year. I like to be at home, I don't want to make it big, I honestly admit. I attach less and less importance to contact with strangers, as I said, I am simply tired of many things. I love to exchange ideas, all the social trappings with strangers or something, no, thank you. I also need the opportunity to withdraw, I get more and more panic attacks, social norms and all this stuff bores me, I'm less and less in the mood for all this stuff.
What sounded like a nightmare to me a few years ago is increasingly becoming an idea of ​​a sanctuary - a small house on an island near Iceland, far away from everyone. My husband used to be the hermit crab, but now it is he who brings constant visitors. That's okay too, friends come here every day spontaneously, I just can't do much with large crowds and yes, honestly I now like to select, the people I spend time with I don't want to actually strangle inside.

Even if I would call myself a humanist, not because I think that humanity is oh so great, rather out of pity.

I am Squidward.