What is your experience with Flexjobs com

How difficult is it to get a remote IT job for someone with little or no experience? [closed]

Flexjobs is a paid job exchange for flexible (remote, partially remote, flexible schedule) work. A month-long subscription is $ 15, which sounds expensive, but the site is legitimate, there's more than enough time to browse all of the jobs, and it pays off the first time it hits it. The posts on flexjobs are from much higher quality than other freelance boards where you compete for $ 5 / hour bids. I'm not affiliated with them, just a happy customer.

Some CMS have their own job posting marketplace, which may give you an entry point that you can then build on. Check out the job sites for Drupal, WordPress, and Plone (Plone is not yet an entry-level model).

Be open to what an IT job is all about. I switched from developer to lead / project manager almost three years ago and am very happy with the change. (I realize that not everyone wants to get into management, and that's fine.) If you don't have a lot of technical experience but are adequately organized and a good communicator, you can take on jobs as a project administrator or project coordinator. It's mostly low-level administrative work, but it keeps you in IT and can expose you to opportunities that you might not have seen if your head completely lowered in code.

Kilisi mentioned data entry in one of the comments, which has a very low barrier to entry but can also be very boring and boring. Be careful, it doesn't consume so much of your day that you don't have time to look for something better.

And don't stop thinking about your education. Udacity, Codecademy, and Khan Academy (there are a few others) offer coding lessons at little or no cost. With MIT OpenCourseWare, edX, and Coursera, you can learn from the same material that is used for actual teaching at reputable universities. Some of these websites offer nanotrees or inexpensive certificates that could help your resume. Take a look at MOOCs. (And hey, when I opened the Open Education Consortium website, I saw they were looking for a part-time communications manager.)

I know it's difficult to start almost from scratch, but there are numerous resources available to you. Remember, demonstrating your knowledge is almost as important as having it. Therefore, look for ways in which you can document your education and work on your résumé, even if it is not already much.

Stay tuned and I wish you the best of luck.