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Even if investing in precious metals requires at least a certain basic knowledge, this can be acquired relatively easily and quickly even as a beginner. It very much depends on which financial product you ultimately want to use to invest in the precious metals and how long-term this investment should be. The ETFs are particularly recommended as a possible investment for beginners in this area. The risk is spread here, there is no issuer risk and you do not have to choose stocks or other financial products yourself, but can leave this to the professional fund manager. For investors with a little more extensive knowledge and some experience in the investment sector, precious metal stocks are also recommended, but here you have to get information about the respective company on your own, and of course you run a higher risk than investing in ETFs . Investing in CFDs is even more risky and basically not suitable for beginners. This is only recommended for experienced and very speculative investors who want to achieve high profits quickly with the investment in precious metals or the CFDs based on them, but are also aware of the high risk.

Important information about the tradability of precious metals:

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