What are the best HTML5 frameworks

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In order to reduce the response times of their applications, web developers today mainly fall back on Ajax and make extensive use of asynchronous server requests.

"Sproutcore" goes one step further: The entire business logic of the Javascript application moves to the browser, which should reduce latency times to a minimum.

The framework is written in Ruby. In order to install it and develop your own applications with it, the Ruby runtime environment and the "Gems" extension are required. In addition to Javascript, Sproutcore can use modern HTML5 and CSS3 features to create appealing user interfaces.

Object orientation, flexible data binding and the consistent MVC approach (Model-View-Controller) make the framework a professional solution that has already been developed by Apple (for example for MobileMe applications) and for the publications "Fortune 500" and "Sports Illustrated "is used.

CW conclusion: While HTML5 in general and Sproutcore in particular don't seem quite ripe, web developers are well advised to keep an eye on this innovative framework. The solution has the potential to fundamentally change the development of future web applications.

  1. Flight - Event-driven web framework from Twitter
    Twitter enjoys a good reputation among software developers, not least because the company has released numerous frameworks and tools to the community.
  2. Google Code Prettify makes source texts easier to read
    There are supposed to be programmers who can work with a simple editor and unformatted text. Most developers find it tedious to read code without syntax highlighting.
  3. TideSDK - create platform-independent desktop apps
    With the open source framework "TideSDK", web developers can use their know-how to create cross-platform desktop applications for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
  4. "LaunchRock" creates attractive landing pages in no time
    The service provides an online tool that can be used to create a standardized landing page with a simple registration form.
  5. App Annie provides valuable app store statistics
    If you are particularly interested in the statistics of the app stores in addition to metrics about the use of your own software, you should take a look at App Annie.
  6. Loggr - Monitoring and Analytics for Web Applications
    Operators of web applications are careful to ensure the highest possible performance and availability. Application performance management tools like Loggr help with this.
  7. WPTouch turns WordPress blogs into mobile apps
    The free plugin "WPTouch" converts Wordpress blogs into a mobile app. The site automatically adopts the characteristic look and feel of the respective platform.
  8. The M-Project - HTML5 framework for mobile web apps
    "The M-Project" is an open source HTML5 framework for mobile web apps that is being developed in Germany.
  9. HockeyApp - better test smartphone apps
    HockeyApp collects information such as crash reports and application logs and delivers detailed test reports.
  10. Kirby - a text-based content management system
    With "Kirby", OpenWe has developed a content management system (CMS) that works entirely without a database.
  11. Mashape - Central marketplace for APIs
    APIs that can integrate different web services with each other are becoming more and more important with SaaS, Cloud Computing & Co. The startup Mashape provides a central hub for programming interfaces, which is intended to simplify the integration of heterogeneous cloud services - a kind of app store for APIs.
  12. Tower - Sophisticated Git tool for the Mac
    "Tower" is a professional Git client for Mac OS X that leaves little to be desired in terms of ease of use and functionality.
  13. Google Swiffy converts Flash content into HTML5
    If you want to ensure that Flash content can also be viewed on iOS platforms, you should take a look at the "Swiffy" converter tool.
  14. Cappuccino brings Mac usability to the web
    The young developers behind "Cappuccino" are very ambitious: A web framework in which you cannot write HTML or CSS code and do not have to deal with the DOM (Document Object Model) is a bold approach in itself. In addition, there is a self-developed programming language, Objective-J, which is supposed to combine the best of Javascript and Objective-C.
  15. Flotr2 - Create interactive diagrams based on HTML5
    Offered by the software company Humble Software, "Flotr2" offers an easy way to integrate dynamic and interactive diagrams into web pages and applications.
  16. MooTools - the object-oriented Javascript framework
    The importance of the role that Javascript plays in today's web development is reflected in the large number of frameworks, tools and class libraries that make working with the powerful scripting language easier and that can be found on the market today.
  17. Mobitest analyzes the performance of mobile websites
    With "Mobitest" developers can measure the loading times of mobile websites on popular smartphones and tablets.
  18. Without programming knowledge - homemade apps
    The development of smartphone apps is not exactly cheap. Anyone who has a great idea for an app but has neither programming knowledge nor the money to implement it by a professional developer can use tools that work on the modular principle.
  19. Mojito helps develop mobile web apps
    The Internet company Yahoo has launched "Mojito" as the first developer tool as part of the extensive "Yahoo Cocktails" initiative.
  20. Socialize - integrate sharing functions into your own app
    Almost every smartphone app gives users the option of recommending the application to their friends and colleagues in the most important social networks. A simple button is usually available for this purpose, which forwards the user to Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  21. RestKit - Solid foundation for cloud-based iOS apps
    When developing web-based apps, the same tasks arise over and over again. A typical use case provides for data generated by the user to be validated and sent to the server via HTTP request.
  22. Flurry Analytics - Google Analytics for Apps
    Which features are used most often? How often was this or that resource clicked? What errors occur in a particular module? App developers looking for answers to such questions are well served with Flurry Analytics.
  23. Sproutcore - HTML5 framework for modern web apps
    Increasingly, users expect applications in the browser to feel just like desktop applications. The constant waiting for server data is therefore one of the biggest hurdles for web applications.
  24. Jotform - Easily create complex web forms
    Jotform is a web-based Wysiwyg form wizard. This enables web developers and laypeople alike to create visually appealing and functionally sophisticated web forms in just a few steps.
  25. Bootstrap - Website template from the Twitter developers
    With Bootstrap, web developers receive a professional HTML and CSS template that can serve as a solid and flexible foundation for their own projects.
  26. Modernizr helps you get started with HTML5
    The new HTML5 standard offers programmers and designers techniques and functions that they have long wanted. Unfortunately, many still hesitate to make use of the beautiful new features in their own projects.
  27. Apache Wink - Simple residual services for Java
    "Wink" is a young open source project of the Apache Foundation, which enables Java developers to easily implement web services in rest style (Representational State Transfer).
  28. Aviary - Free photo editor for mobile and web apps
    The software company Aviary is known for numerous innovative online applications in the multimedia sector. The experience gained during development work is reflected in the free "Aviary" framework.
  29. Three20 - Powerful open source library for iOS applications
    "Three20" is an open source, premium iOS library that can simplify and accelerate the development of native applications for the iPhone and iPad.
  30. CForms - Powerful form plugin for Wordpress
    Web forms are a must in almost every blog or website. The free "CForms" tool in this area is very popular among Wordpress users. This means that forms of any complexity can be created and easily integrated into blog entries and pages.
  31. Testflight makes testing iOS apps easy
    Developers who want to have their iOS apps tested by customers, beta testers or colleagues have to bow to a complex procedure.
  32. Simple web forms with Google Docs
    A great advantage of the web is the paperless collection of form data. Every internet user is familiar with these forms (web forms) in their daily dealings with Ebay, Amazon, Facebook & Co.
  33. Imgscalr - Easily scale images in Java
    In the case of web applications, images often have to be scaled because they should be displayed in a size that they are not actually in.
  34. Kendo UI Mobile - HTML5 framework for smartphone apps
    In the mobile sector in particular, software manufacturers have to invest in an elegant, intuitive and beautiful work surface. The "Kendo UI Mobile" mobile framework from the American software company Telerik, based on HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript, promises help.
  35. Applicasa - hosting service for backend systems
    With a comprehensive hosting service that provides backend systems for mobile applications, "Applicasa" enables iOS developers to concentrate fully on their app.
  36. Pencil Sketching - GUI sketches in Firefox
    "Pencil Sketching" is ideal for creating GUI prototypes for web applications quickly and easily.
  37. Firebug - a must have for web developers
    The Firefox add-on "Firebug" has established itself as the standard tool for web developers for analyzing and optimizing web pages.
  38. Tracking down bugs with Bugzilla
    With "Bugzilla", the Mozilla Foundation offers a useful web tool for the central recording, analysis and management of program errors.
  39. Xampp installs your Apache server
    An Apache server with Perl, PHP and MySQL support is not that easy to set up. If you need such an environment locally on your computer, you can use "Xampp" instead of installing everything yourself.
  40. Easily edit HTTP requests with a URL decoder
    With the "URL Decoder" web developers can visualize and quickly process HTTP requests with many parameters in an overview table.
  41. MediaElementPlayer - HTML5 video for any browser
    No matter whether Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome, whether on the PC, iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone: With the JavaScript framework "MediaElementPlayer", HTML5 video works in every browser and on every device.
  42. Poedit helps with software localization
    Portable object files are often used to localize software applications. They can be easily edited with the free tool "Poedit".
  43. Hurl - test web APIs directly in the browser
    Web developers have to deal with http requests on a daily basis, be it when implementing their own server-client applications, when working with web services or when integrating with external APIs (Application Programming Interface).