Will Kamal Haasan enter politics now?

Karti Chidambaram said - Kamal Haasan's "Super-Nota" will not be able to win a single seat

Congress leader Karthi Chidambaram on Friday dismissed Kamal Haasan, who entered politics as a "super-nota" and claims that Haasan's party "Makkal Nidhi Mayyam" (MNM) will not win a single seat in the parliamentary elections in Tamil Nadu. Karti, a member of Lok Sabha from Sivaganga in Tamil Nadu, also targeted the AIADMK-BJP alliance and said that the people of Tamil Nadu do not want a government that has a shadow of the BJP because it is "Hindi-Hindutva". -Agenda would have been confused. is.

Karthi Chidambaram claimed in an interview with PTI that the DMK Congress Das Bündnis would win more than 200 out of a total of 234 seats in this election. All seats in Tamil Nadu are due to be elected on April 6th. Karti said, "People don't want a government that doesn't respect Tamil sentiments, Tamil language, and Tamil history." Nor do they want a government that is somehow overshadowed by the BJP. "

He claimed that the ruling party at the center would not open an account in Tamil Nadu despite aggressive campaigns from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other high-ranking BJP leaders. When asked about the impact of Kamal Haasan's party, the congressman said, “Haasan is just 'super-nota'. He won't win a single seat and he doesn't have a party going on. They accumulate at the time of the election and disappear after the election. "

It is noteworthy that there is an option for 'Nun of Eve' (none of them) on the 'NOTA' EVEM. If a voter does not want to vote any of the candidates in the election, they can use NOTA. The system came into effect in 2013 by order of the Supreme Court.