What kind of advertising platform is AdMob

Embed ads in Android app?

I want to create a free version of my Android app, but want to embed an ad on it. I'm not sure where to start? Is there a well-known mobile advertising company that specializes in mobile advertising?


I've used both Admob and Adsense personally.

I was cautious the first time I implemented ads because I thought my users were upset, but I didn't get a complaint from over 500,000 active installs.

The only permission you need to add for any of the ad SDKs to work is the android.permission.INTERNET permission.

Admob can be used by anyone over the age of 18. Just download the SDK and set up an account. Integrating the ad into your app is very easy and the example in their SDK was clear. I used Admob for about 2 weeks, every day I made double digits (> $ 9,

Adsense is a Google product and is available by invitation or through the application process. I entered the program through an invitation from a member of the Adsense For Mobile Applications (afma) team. The implementation was almost identical to Admob's. Download the SDK and set up your Adsense account accordingly. They have nice developer resources and are quick to respond when anyone has a question.

Both offer an SDK that provides a GUI element that is basically a web view that is used to pull ads from their servers.

Overall, I have had good experiences with both ad platforms. The click-through rate was almost the same between the two, but I'm sticking with Adsense because, in my experience, it's more lucrative.

My only complaint is the waiting time for withdrawals. As an Android developer, when I sell an application, I receive the money for this sale in my bank account within a few days. However, with both services, the payout is monthly and processed one month later. All of my advertising income generated in March will be processed and paid out to me at the beginning of May.

At the time of this writing, I get about as much revenue from ads as I do from application sales. I won't go into that exact number, but I said in another post that my monthly income from reselling job applications is enough to pay the rent in a decent location for me, my wife, and my daughter.

If you have an application that you want to publish for free, I would highly recommend adding ads to it. Now that I've done it, I don't think I'll ever publish a free application with no ads, and I plan to go back and add ads to one of my apps that is currently free with no ads.

If you are implementing these SDKs, you can ask questions about SO here. I will try to answer that.

Update February 2012

I'm still using Admob as Google Adsense shut down for mobile apps.

I still make about as much from ads as I do monthly sales, but my monthly revenue has dropped about 90% over the last year. I can no longer pay the rent with my mobile apps, but I can take my family out for dinner a couple of times a month.

Update Jan 2014

In March 2013, I sold the apps that I monetized with ads to another publisher, so I haven't had any insight into how apps are monetized with ads since then.

I'm one of the co-founders of MoPub and a former member of the AdMob team.

The question you are asking doesn't have a good answer. There are a variety of mobile advertising networks that you can use to monetize your app. On Android in particular, you should try Millennial, AdMob, JumpTap, MobFox, etc. The problem with integrating the various SDKs is a huge pain and doesn't really give you much control.

Ads are important, but don't forget the importance of selling your paid application and understanding when and how it works.

I ran into this exact problem and started developing MoPub to give application developers full control over which ads appear and when. We run all of our ads via HTML5, so our customer library takes up little space and the server gives you all the controls you need to control.

We'll also be releasing an tweak feature that lets you push a button and make any adjustments for you.

Recently there was a post on the topic: / programming / 5514945 / mopub-for-android


This link is intended to help you implement ads with Google AdSense.

Hope it's useful. (There are some terms and conditions)

Adding Ads to Mobile Applications

Original source

Edit: I've never tried it, but would it be possible to use a thumbnail web view in the application itself and have a static image associated with it?

There are a great many different advertising companies that you can choose from. Just google for "Android App Monetization" or something similar and you will find it. The most common are Admob, Millennial Media, and InMobi.

(Disclaimer, I work for AppBrain): AppBrain also has an app promotion ads SDK called AppLift that has worked very well for our partners so far as it doesn't use the banner ads that most users are trained to stop clicking . Further information is available at http://www.appbrain.com/info/sdk.

quattro and admob were acquired from Apple and Google respectively and should be good. Adsense is pretty good too, but beta approval has been pretty strict for a while and I'm not sure how difficult it is to get in now.

You should try both Admob and Adsense. They're both pretty good, but I've heard that Adsense has better conversion rates.

Don't really know, I don't use advertising a lot.

You apparently need to add Adsense to your Google merchant account in order to receive any payouts in the first place. Even if you don't use Adsense, you need to sign up for it and link it to your Google account. I just applied without knowing it and have to wait about 2 days before being contacted for confirmation. At least Google is friendlier than Apple with signing up as a business developer. It took them 5 days to get me to the point where I need to send my Articles of Association to continue the registration process. Because of this, I like Android a lot easier to get things done on time.

When you integrate MobFox, they can process the high-revenue clicks and send the rest of the traffic to Admob or InMobi. Since this is a web-based configuration, you only need to integrate the SDK once. The SDK is roughly the same as Admob's to simplify integration.

I've written a guide with pictures on how to set it up if you're interested:


Edit: The AdMob integration is broken and has never been fixed. InMobi backfilling only at this time.

Push notification ads are also another option for your Android app (s). Airpush offers much higher CPMs than AdMob or Adsense (although it's a different ad unit) and much higher fill rates. It might be worth checking out - airpush

We are now using both AdMob and Airpush in the same app and getting great results. The best part is that they don't inform each other about the terms of use. They have an Android Developer Relations contact who really helped us out.

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