How can one focus on learning the programming language

The best way to learn to code

In this article I want to share the experiences and mistakes I made while learning to program. To make one thing clear from the start, I'm not a top programmer who hacks together a new operating system in a few nights. I know a little web programming, can write plugins and small GUIs. When I started programming, I made some mistakes. These might be of interest to other novice programmers and can complement the many expert tips.

My mistakes

  1. C as the first language

    Of course, like any teenager, I wanted to learn how to program games. You were always told you had to learn C to do that. I tried and I failed. Point.

  2. Wing Commander as the first project πŸ™‚

    As I said before, I wanted to program games that I played myself. Of course I never did anything.

  3. Not targeted enough

    I've never focused on a specific project. I've always changed my plans for what to learn next.

What did I learn along the way?

  1. Learn to program with a scripting language!

    I can only recommend everyone to learn to program with a scripting language. By that I mean Python, Ruby, PHP, Perl, and JavaScript. The great advantage of scripting languages ​​are immediate results that further motivate you. Enter and you have your important Hello World program. If you compare that with Hello World in Java: Java even drove all the ambitious business students at my university to despair. I personally recommend Python as the first programming language. Python has a very clear syntax and you can do anything from GUIs to web programming with Python. If you want to concentrate on web programming, PHP or JavaScript may be the better choice for you (first results faster). Later you should learn Scheme / Lisp, it teaches you a different way of thinking and should make you a better programmer. That is why it is used by many introductory books at universities. After that, if you have understood the most important programming concepts, you should also learn C. Because C is the programming language in which all noteworthy operating systems are written and thus the mother of all programming languages.

  2. First work on small projects.

    That goes without saying, but I didn't stick to it. That's why I mention it here anyway. If you want quick results, I find simple web programming very interesting and rewarding.

  3. Just focus on one project

    Don't start with multiple projects at the same time. It just ends up with you not really editing one.

I hope my thoughts will help you learn to code on your way and stay motivated. If anyone has any further points or disagrees. Please share your knowledge with me.