What do Americans celebrate on Independence Day?

Fourth of July: American Independence Day

Published on June 25, 2020

American Independence Day is a very special highlight for every visitor to the USA. Undoubtedly the most patriotic of all the holidays, it is celebrated on July 4th each year with public events, parades, fireworks and private parties across the country. We'll reveal all the historical and cultural background to the "Fourth of July" and explain the most popular traditions and customs to you.

Fourth of July - the birth of the USA

At the Independence Day Americans celebrate their declared independence from the British Crown. The day thus forms the The United States of America was born as an independent nation. This took place on July 4, 1776 with the signing of the declaration of independence - the "Declaration of Independence" - in the then capital Philadelphia.

Until then, the predominantly British colonies were under the influence and orders of the government in London, especially in economic matters. This saw in the colonies of New England an important source of income for the financing of costly wars and demanded steadily increasing taxes and duties. Anti-British voices gained increasing momentum and fueled calls for a detachment from the mother country.

Almost 170 years after the founding of the first permanent colony in North America, the time had finally come. The majority of the total of 13 colonies voted during the so-called "Continental Congress" on July 2, 1776 for independence. Two days later, the "United States of America" ​​was first mentioned in the signed Declaration of Independence. The United States was born.

BBQs, picnics & fireworks

Since that day, on July 4th, the country and its values ​​have been celebrated in the USA. On the first anniversary of the declared split, the first public celebrations took place despite the War of Independence with Great Britain. In 1941, Independence Day was officially declared a national holiday.

Today, on the Fourth of July, parades, concerts and public naturalization ceremonies are held in many cities, both large and small. In today's capital Washington there is the big "Independence Day Parade“With a great evening Fireworks to marvel at. Many Americans also like to use the holiday as an opportunity to visit public events or museums.

In particular, private get-togethers and festivities have a long tradition on the Fourth of July. So it is common to meet with friends and family and celebrate together. Garden parties or visits to the park are particularly popular Picnics and BBQs. Around 68% of Americans grill on the occasion. In addition, typically American dishes such as burgers, hot dogs or patriotically decorated desserts are served on the table.

Patriotism as far as the eye can see

If you're in the US on the Fourth of July, you won't be able to avoid patriotic symbols and customs. You will see American flags and pennants everywhere. Patriotism is particularly important on this day. Even the youngest ones dress in red, blue and white or sing the American national anthem.

This exuberant national pride can be a bit strange to us. Nevertheless, you should enjoy this culturally exciting and special day and let it affect you. We wish you a lot of fun and wish you a "Happy Fourth of July!"