How is your father

dictionary English German: How is your your your your yours [e.g. how is your your your mother's how is your your father]

EnglishGermanNo complete match found.»Report missing translationPartial agreementHow'syour ... (doing)? / Howis it going / okyours / Of their / your / Your...? / / That's now to talk / speak to your ...!Howtalkdudennmityours / your...!Howisyour ... (doing)?Howfineyours / your / Of their / Your...?Emergency bathroom.So so).Hi how are you?Eigude,how?  How'reyour ... (doing)?Howis it going / okyour / your ...? / Howareyour ... (doing)?Howis your / your ...? / thanhow Howdidsth.go? hearsb.dosth. I. Listen,howto do sbto feellikesth.yourselfhowto feel sthCouldbeworse.Solala. / Couldhavebeenworse.Solala. / joypowder ... condition...complaintsalphabetboysbloodflowdisorderCirculatory disorderbloodflowdisordersCirculatory disordersride-hail servicesDriving serviceslinenetworkto askoneself ...yourselfDateask the question, sit to sb.'sleft / rightSitting on both sides on the left / on the right... - what could be better!... - betterok / it’s goingNot!asgoodas (it) getsbetterit’s going / okNotnacellestreamlined nacelleanywaybecauseWhen I seeabirdthatwalkslikeaduckandswimslikeaduckandquackslikeaduck, I callthatbirdaduck.When I see a bird, thehowa runaway,howa duck swims andhowIf you chatter a duck, then call this bird a duck.On to a ...Furtheris it going / okwith one ...onsth.toetw.whack-a-mole I can't do Sunday.On Sundayis it going / oknot at my place.hyphenatedAmerican I can't doThursday, butFridayworksforme.On Thursdayis it going / oknot, but Friday works.crumbCrumbs Franzenbrottowelhead / asabovehowprotrudingasalwayshowhadasusualhowhadascontractedhowagreeddoublegussetDouble gussetrequirementfortwosignaturesFour eyes principle Whatdoyoucall ...?Howis called...?to lookstonilyhowlook petrifiedasit used to behowit was earlierasfaithfulaspossible, asfreeasnecessaryso faithfulhowpossible, so freehownecessaryto expelsb. / to drive sb. away / to berazor-sharphowPoison cuttingIt'slooklike ...Looks likehow... Howdoyouread?Howdo you understand me?