A pastor is needed for a ministry

Pastor - an exciting job

Shaping church services
Probably the most well-known task of pastors is the Sunday service. This lives from traditions that have grown in the Church over two millennia. At the same time, it is constantly changing to suit different generations, interests and occasions. New forms are emerging alongside the 'normal' Sunday 10 o'clock service. Funeral and baptism, meditation, peace prayer and wedding ceremony, crawling and school service, gospel service, ... Pastors are responsible for shaping the worship life with heart and (theological) understanding.

Pastors teach religious and confirmation classes to schoolchildren. They invite you to faith courses; they offer baptismal classes for adults. A comprehensive education of the head, heart and conscience for everyone is an important concern of the Protestant churches.

Run a small business
It is not only in times of scarce money that pastors have to lead the task together with the group of elders or a synod. In a parish people work full-time: in the parish secretariat, in room maintenance, as church servants, in kindergartens or social stations. The ability to take on personnel responsibility is required. The budget has to be planned, buildings have to be maintained, churches have to be restored. Volunteers are to be accompanied. Only those who are cooperative, able to work in a team and at the same time purposeful, will go well with the community in the multitude of expectations and tasks.

Stand up publicly for the Church and the Gospel
Pastors have an office that is valued by the public. The expectations of the church and those who represent it locally are high, not just in special emergencies. Where there is injustice, many expect pastors to help, do something and get involved with the community in diaconal and political affairs. Pastors should be close to the local people and their specific questions and at the same time have a broad horizon, and not lose sight of the ecumenical movement.

Caring for the souls
People need support at many points in their lives: as individuals, as families, as those affected in groups. Pastors are trained theologically and in pastoral care to hold discussions, advise and comfort, be it after the birth of a child, during marriage, during an illness, in the event of a death or in life crises.

... and what he or she needs:

Interest in people
Enjoy creating relationships
Joy in faith
Courage to doubt
Interest in the Bible
Joy in theological thinking and conversation
A sense of tradition
Theological knowledge and insights
Ability to work in a team
Interest in foreign cultures
Joy in languages