People were still using Tumblr in 2016

Education marketing via Tumblr

For effective and successful training marketing, it is important to choose the platforms on which the young people are active. In addition to Facebook, Twitter and Co., the use of the Tumblr platform has also established itself in Germany. Companies can thus use this for modern training marketing and present themselves as a company. In this article, you will learn what Tumblr is, how it can be used for education marketing, what to keep in mind and which successful examples already exist.

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a social network that was founded in 2007. The term freely translated means "to mess something up" and alludes to the wide range of functions of the platform. On this, users can share texts, quotes, links, pictures and videos with other people in their own blog. The special feature is that all shared content is made available to other Tumblr users for free use. Thus, all users of Tumblr can use all content from other blogs for their own and thus mess up the order of the authors.

How does education marketing work on Tumblr?

On Tumblr, it is also possible to follow another blog and have its content displayed on your own dashboard. As a result, companies and private users can build up a wide range as well as advertising effectiveness. Since Tumblr users are primarily between the ages of 16 and 24, this is an excellent opportunity to recruit potential trainees for your own company. It is most effective when companies set up their own Tumblr blog and initially only generate a large reach with it. Postings can then be published that present your own company as an attractive employer.

What are the special features of Tumblr blogs if you want to position yourself as an employer?

However, there are some important features of Tumblr to consider. Hashtags are used across the entire platform. These are essential if you want to build a wide reach with your blog in order to increase the effectiveness of your education marketing via Tumblr. They act as keywords that clearly list all posts on a specific topic. This allows users to find a new blog that covers topics they are interested in.

If you use a post from another blog, you do not have to legally mention this, of course, but can use it freely in accordance with Tumblr's terms of use. However, the readers of your blog will resent you for this behavior, so that you risk a bitter loss of image. Contrary to the official usage guidelines, the procedure has been established on Tumblr to link the author of a post when you use it for your blog.

Ultimately, a Tumblr blog is a regular and large project. It can be of great benefit to you, but it also requires a lot of attention and care. You will only be able to build a noteworthy reach if you regularly produce content and share it on Tumblr. Even a few weeks of inactivity can cause large parts of the reach to migrate.

Which companies are already doing this very well?

Two companies in particular have made a name for themselves for their beneficial use of Tumblr. These are Coca-Cola and Vans. Both the well-known beverage producer and the sports shoe manufacturer have discovered the Tumblr platform for their social media marketing and use it for both product and training marketing.

Coca-Cola was best known for the specially established hashtag #ShareaCoke, which creates a direct connection between friendship, love and Coca-Cola through beneficial images and stories. In a particularly emotional way, the manufacturer relies on the use of images in combination with short stories.

The Vans blog is characterized by a similar approach. This company mainly relies on the hashtags #vanssurf, #vansskate and #vansgirls. Emotionally staged images of sports, social events and young women are always shared with the followers. This ensures constant attention and enables a high level of awareness of posts that promote training in the company.

ZF Friedrichshafen AG in particular operates direct training marketing via the Tumblr training blog. Techniker Krankenkasse is also very active on Tumblr and uses the channel for the career portal.