Who is the father of Brahma Vishnu Mahesh

Who are Lord Shiva's parents? [Duplicate]

The Trinity arises from Bhrahmn (different sects call them differently such as Kala, SadaShiva, AdiNarayana, AdiShakti etc.). This is discussed in this post:

What is the lifespan of the Hindu gods?

Who is Lord Shiva's mother?

As discussed above, Brahman is the mother / father of Lord Shiva.

From different Purana:

The Brahman is the Lord who is the origin of everything. It has neither shape nor is it without shape. The Brahman has no beginning; it is independent of all actions. The Brahman is huge; it is everywhere. It has neither a name nor is it nameless. It has neither a name nor is it nameless. Not only does Brahman have no form, it is beyond form. It had no origin, no beginning, or no end.

Most of the stories that tell how Trinity (Trimurti, i.e. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva) came about are not from the first Kalpa, and so there is confusion.

"Who is your father, sir?" Lord Shiva replied that Brahma is his father. So who is the mother?

This is not Shiva but Rudra. Many scholars use Rudra and Shiva interchangeably, another cause of confusion.

Rudra was born from Lord Brahma's tears. So nobody was Rudra's mother. ~ Vayu Purana

"Who is your grandfather?" Then the saint went on to ask who your grandfather was. Lord Shiva replied that Vishnu is my grandfather.

Now, as described above, Lord Brahma is Rudra's father. Well how that happened is as follows:

At the end of the last kalpa there was a little destruction and the world was flooded with water. Vishnu alone slept on this water, balanced on the hood of the great serpent Ananta. While Vishnu slept like this, a lotus sprouted from his navel. It was a huge lotus that stretched over a hundred yojanas. And it shone. Vishnu began to play with the lotus. While Vishnu was playing like this, Brahma arrived. "Who are you and why do you sleep on this water?" asked Brahma. "I am Vishnu and I am the Lord of everything." answered Vishnu. "But who are you and where are you going?" "How can you be master of everything?" asked Brahma. "I am the master of everything that is in the universe. Everything that will be in the universe is already in my stomach. If you don't believe me, why don't you go into my stomach and see for yourself?" Vishnu's curiosity was aroused and he entered Brahma's stomach. In the stomach he was very surprised to find all the worlds that would be in the universe. The mountains and the oceans were all there. Such were all living things that would be created. Visnu spent a thousand years in Brahma's stomach and marveled at these miracles. But he could not find either the end or the beginning of Brahma's stomach. It finally made its exit through Brahma's mouth. Vishnu said to Brahma: "I bow to you, you are indeed the Lord of everything. There are many miracles that I have seen in your stomach, many are the worlds that are there. But I can do it with you too take you in. Why don't you? " come in my stomach? I, too, can show you many worlds there. "Brahma entered Vishnu's stomach and saw many worlds there, as Vishnu had promised. Brahma spent several years in the stomach, but could neither find its end nor its beginning. In the meantime Vishnu had closed all of them. Brahma stepped out of his body and could find no way to get out. Finally he made his body very small and came out through Vishnu's navel. He climbed the stem of the lotus and sat on the lotus. Since a lotus is called Padma and Yoni means birthplace, Brahma came to be known as Padmayoni.

While all of this was going on, Shiva came on stage. He was holding a trident. The speed of Shiva's arrival was so fast that huge tidal waves were created in the water. Strong winds began to blow. "What is it all? Why are you shaking the lotus like that and creating tidal waves?" Asked Brahma Vishnu. "Who is speaking from my navel? "Said Vishnu." Don't you remember? "Replied Brahma." I am Brahama. You entered my stomach and after that I entered your stomach. But they closed all the exits so I couldn't get out. In fact, I should be downright mad at you for treating me like that. I had to emerge through your navel and now I am sitting on the lotus. "" I'm sorry, "said Vishnu." I didn't mean to offend you. I just wanted to play with you for a while. Let's be friends now. And as a token of your friendship, please grant me the blessing that from now on you will be known as my son. "" I agree, "replied Brahma." At first I thought you'd shake the lotus and those tidal waves create the water. But now I see that there is another creature coming our way. His face is terrible. He has ten arms and holds a trident. Who is this demon "Vishnu told Brahma that this was none other than Shiva, the destroyer, and that the two should pray to Shiva. But Brahma flatly refused to do so. He would not recognize Shiva as a superior. Vishnu's beliefs, Brahma and Vishnu, however, began to pray to Shiva. "What can I do for you?" asked Shiva. "What blessings do you want?" "I'm sorry I doubted you," Brahma replied. “Please forgive me. And as a token of your forgiveness, please grant me the blessing that you will be born my son. "Shiva was happy to grant this blessing. ~ Vayu Purana

It should be noted that all of this happened in some kalpa and not at the beginning of the very first kalpa. Since 360 ​​* 50 kalpas have passed in the current life span of Brahma, nowhere does this prove that Lord Vishnu created Lord Brahma. At the time of this story, Lord Brahma was there. But as described in this story, Lord Vishnu can be considered Lord Brahma's father.

"Who is your great grandfather?" The saint goes on to ask who the great-grandfather is. Lord Shiva stuns him by saying that I am my great grandfather.

This is SadaShiva (Bhrahmn in Shaivism) who creates Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. In Vaishnavism the same Bhrahmn is called AdiNarayana.

"Lord Shiva emerged from the pillar" is it real?

That is partly true. As the fight between Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma continued, Lord Shiva found out about it and stepped out of the pillar. That is, Shiva was there before he came out of the pillar.