How do I apply for social security

Working abroad - employer (A1 certificate)

for: employers (excluding provincial and local administrations)

In order as a Belgian employer to have an employee work abroad, you need certain documents such as aA1 certificate or aCertificate of Coverage. These documents serve as evidence that Belgian social security remains applicable. You canvia the online service apply on this page.

to submit an application

Use the button 'Application for work abroad' on the right of the screen. This service is secured. To use this service, you need to log in with an electronic identity card (eID), token or username and password.

If you would like to apply for secure access, you will find all the necessary information on the 'Register' page.

More information about the temporary work in another country can be found on the 'About Postings' page.

More information about the Work in several countries can be found on the 'About working in multiple countries' page.

A company can only submit a 'work abroad' application for an employee if this employee is employed by this company for the period requested. (For the requested working period abroad, a Dimona declaration from the employer must be available for the employee).

According to the application

After the file has been processed, thenecessary documents (A1 certificate or other) sent to your e-box. These documents are then valid in Belgium and abroad as proof that your employee is exclusively subject to the Belgian social security system.

If, during processing, it turns out that Belgian legislation does not apply to your employee, the LSS will inform you of this by letter.

For social service providers

Would an employer like to give you a power of attorney? You must then register this power of attorney for the relevant application group in the Mahis online service.


Do you havetechnical questions your access to the secure online services of the social security portal or questions about powers of attorney? Then please contact the Social Security Contact Center, which you can reach Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on 02/511 51 51.

For questions about thelegislation applicable to cross-border employment orthe use of this new online service please contact the LSS International Relations Directorate at [email protected]