What is the best game related song

And they are still silent

But I would like to tell a little story about singsong: It was in 2015 at the Cup semi-finals in Munich. BVB were 1-0 down, it was around the 70th minute of the game and the guest block had fallen into a “let's get this over with and go home” lethargy. The Ultras had “chanting” in the form of “Can't take my eyes off you” and it was a really good example of this lousy, drowsy mood. And then all of a sudden, from wherever, the energy returned to the guest block and the square. Like flicking a switch. Nobody could tell whether the impulse came from the stands or from the lawn, it was just suddenly there. And what happened? The "continuous chant" suddenly became a hurricane. It was the same song that was just so boringly splashed that a few seconds later made the concrete of the arena shake. "Borussia Doooooooortmund, shalalalalalala, Borussia Dooooooooortmund, shalalalalalaaaaa!"

I'm not saying that there are no wrong songs at the wrong moment or no mood killers. However, these are the absolute exceptions. In most cases, continuous singing occurs when too few people join in and those who are already singing do not put any energy into the chants. You can then still discuss whether such a song still makes sense or whether it would be better not to sing anything. However, to accuse the ultras of “singing” is to point at them with one finger and at least three at yourself.

The game against Leverkusen was the best example of what the atmosphere could be like when the whole stadium is really motivated to create the atmosphere. There was no other selection of songs than usual, there was no more or less game-related support from the Ultras, it was the same “guidelines” as in the rest of the season. So why was the mood so much better than usual? Because the whole stadium took part. Sounds logical, doesn't it? But why are the Ultras accused of having a bad mood when we naturally prescribe the good mood so that the rest of them do something different? One or two ultra-critics should maybe think about it for a few minutes ...