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The Salzburgers of Georgia

A small group of the Salzburg Protestants, who were forced into emigration by the Protestant expulsion of 1732, came to Georgia (then a British colony, now a US state), where they formed the core of a German-speaking settler group, the Georgia Salzburgers.


Even later, Salzburg residents sought their luck or protection from the persecution that threatened them in their old homeland in the “land of unlimited possibilities”. Among them were, for example, the Salzburg honorary citizen Ernst Schilling (* 1809) and the Trapp family. On October 31, 1943, Max Reinhardt, co-founder of the Salzburg Festival, died in New York. On March 20, 1952, Hans Schmid, military musician and composer of the "Rainer March" emigrated to Oklahoma City.

Peter Jackson Hauser died in 1950 in St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Brighton, Massachusetts, son of the American Virginia Hill and the Salzburg ski racer Hans Hauser von der Zistelalm am Gaisberg.

Younger story

The USA as an allied power and an occupying power

During the Second World War, from 1941 onwards the USA fought alongside Great Britain and the Soviet Union against Hitler's Germany. American bombing raids (bombs on Salzburg, bombs on Hallein ...) had immediate effects on Salzburg. In 1945 American troops invaded Salzburg shortly before the German Wehrmacht surrendered. The four main Allied powers (USA, Great Britain, Soviet Union, France) divided Austria into zones of occupation, the state of Salzburg and Upper Austria as far as the Danube formed the American zone; henceforth the United States Forces in Austria (USFA), ie the "American Armed Forces in Austria", were decisive. The American military government took its seat in Salzburg. One of her first worries was the removal of the National Socialist officials from politics, administration and economy and the establishment of suitable local organs, which she recruited from the leadership of the prewar period (e.g. Adolf Schemel as provisional governor, Richard Hildmann as provisional mayor of the city of Salzburg).

The occupation lasted until 1955 and continues to have an impact today in many ways:

The construction activity of the Americans, for example, was significant. Testify from her, for example

Street names, too, are a grateful reminder of the occupiers, for example General-Arnold-Strasse and General-Keyes-Strasse in Salzburg.

Last but not least, the Salzburger Nachrichten was created through an initiative of the American occupiers.


  • From 1946 onwards, help came from America in the form of care packages.
  • In 1948 the Marshall Plan, an American aid program for the reconstruction of war-torn Western Europe, came into being.


Honorary Citizen, Zuagroaste

Since the occupation, a number of Americans have earned honorary citizenship from municipalities in the state of Salzburg:



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