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The ten most popular hobbies in Germany

Everyone has some hobby - whether playing video games or doing sports - everyone enjoys doing something. Here are the hobbies Germans have in their spare time:

The most popular hobby: gardening

More than 30 percent of Germans spend their free time in the garden. In addition, the fresh air and physical activity in the country are good for fitness.

Number 2: shopping

Whether groceries or clothes - we all like to go shopping. Is the sale again? Off to the next clothing store! Or you are only briefly at E-bay and Zack! Bought.

Number 3: puzzles

We are not wrong to attribute this hobby with 17 percent to the older ones among us. Because I think almost everyone likes it when the brain is challenged.

Number 4: go out to eat

It's Friday evening and you are thinking about having dinner with your friends. Everyone likes it, I guess, when the taste buds are seduced. Almost 15 percent of Germans pursue this everyday luxury.

Number 5: gambling

Before everyone shakes their head. Most people have forgotten the time before the game console. Sometimes, when you are under stress, you just want to forget yourself in the digital world.

The most popular video games: what do German teenagers gamble?

Number 6: repair

Almost 11 percent of Germans are into simple repairs. Painting and painting are also part of it.

Number 7: gym

We all had the thought of doing more sport. Well, that was the New Year's thought. If you're not athletic, I can understand that. I am not either.

Number 8: hiking

It continues with hiking. Almost 10 percent of Germans are real natural foxes, and hiking can also relax the body.

Number 9: jogging

I am actually amazed that only 8 percent of Germans go jogging regularly. I would have thought more people would go jogging.

Number 10: board games

Enough with exercise. Now just board games. They fit in almost every pocket and are still fun. Chess, don't worry, etc. Almost everyone likes them.

What are your favorite hobbies?

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