What makes black and white


A black and white photo taken in 1963 with lots of shades of gray. At that time there were already color photos, but they were very expensive.
This is a linocut, printed on paper. This is what artists do, but often children in school too. Linocuts are mostly black and white.

Black and white are two colors. Like all colors, they are created by the way light is reflected by an object. With white there is a lot of light, with black no or almost no light.

Above all, one thinks of drawings, photos and films that are black and white. So you don't see any colors like green, red or blue in it. Only black, white, or a mixture of the two were used for drawing, these are tones of gray.

It used to be difficult to find colors for painting and drawing. They were mostly expensive. It was much cheaper and easier to draw something with a single pen. When you could make photos and films, you couldn't reproduce colors well. Before 1930, all films were black and white. It was not until the 1950s and 1960s that they were replaced by color films. In 1967 it was possible to watch color television for the first time in Germany.

Sometimes you still take photos and films in black and white today. Some people find that particularly nice: you can see the differences, the contrasts. Such photos and films look different, for example sad or elegant. That is why many photo artists take black and white photos.

After all, there is another way of saying black and white. Sometimes a person thinks very simply. He only sees the good or only the bad in something. He is then accused of thinking in black and white.

  • In this photo, a photo artist left the girl in color and depicted everything else in shades of gray.

  • It's the same photo, but there are only shades of gray.

  • Here the photo consists only of the colors black and white.

  • The black and white televisions of the old days were pretty big boxes. Even when television was broadcast in color, it was still only possible to see the films in black and white.

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