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The testament

SEND DATE Thu., 06/17/21 | 3:10 p.m. | The first

Episode 3623

Ariane realizes how hard it is for Erik to see her suffer and so makes up her mind. She secretly steals sleeping pills from Michael's practice and writes a farewell letter to Erik and her will. When Erik and Selina learn from Michael that Ariane may have stolen sleeping pills, it seems to be too late.

Cornelius feels betrayed by Selina and resignedly celebrates his birthday as Lars, which irritates Florian and Maja. After talking to Maja, however, he changes his mind and asks Florian if he would still be willing to testify against Erik.

When Maja wants to know the truth from Shirin, she admits she has feelings for Florian. She swears that she would never do anything with him, but Maja doesn't believe her. Only after Cornelius has got her to reconsider her attitude towards Shirin does a shallow reconciliation take place between the friends.

Alfons and Werner realize that they are both fans of Marita Maricelli and prepare to impress them. Alfons wants to shine with a memento that Werner is a little jealous of. Nevertheless, he has good reasons to feel superior to Alfons.

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Cast and staff

Maja von ThalheimChristina Arends
Florian VogtArne Löber
Werner SaalfeldDirk Galuba
Robert SaalfeldLorenzo Patane
Hildegard SonnbichlerAntje Hagen
Alfons SonnbichlerSepp Schauer
Christoph SaalfeldDieter Bach
Ariane KalenbergViola Wedekind
André KonopkaJoachim Lätsch
Michael NiederbühlErich Altenkopf
Selina von ThalheimKatja Rosin
Cornelia HolleDeborah Mueller
Erik VogtSven Waasner
Vanessa SonnbichlerJeannine Gaspár
Maximilian RichterStefan Hartmann
Shirin CeylanMerve Çakir
Cornelius von ThalheimChristoph Mory
Functional areaName of the staff member
Book:Silke Nikowski
Hanne Weyh
Director:Udo Müller
Alexander Wiedl