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Royal Mounties - Canada's mounted police force

Anyone who wants to serve as a rider with the Royal Canadian "Mounty" Police must pass tough admission tests. The "360 ° - GEO Report" on Saturday, March 5th at 7.30 pm

A film by Heiko De Groot

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police were originally Canada's mounted police - today there is only one small unit left on horseback: the Musical Ride. He is the absolute figurehead and the pride of the Canadian police. If you want to make it into the troupe, you have to pass tough entrance exams.

The "Mounties" in their traditional red uniforms on horseback have long become a national symbol of Canada. The squadron of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police showcase their skills on national memorial days and during months of touring with the musical Ride. However, every three years at the latest, the cast of 32 women and men changes, because the places in the elite unit are coveted. The requirements for applicants who have to learn to ride within six months are correspondingly high. The 360 ​​° - GEO report accompanied the annual entrance exams, training and life in the Musical Ride from January to July.

Marty Chesser is superintendent of the world famous Mounties, the former mounted police officers of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Most of them now do their regular duty in patrol cars, steel steeds with significantly more than one horsepower. But there is a small unit in the police force that actually still sits on horseback in their traditional red uniform jackets. It is the parade troop, the so-called "Musical Ride". Now, in January, the season for the elite police force has started again - complicated choreographies have to be rehearsed and applicants for the three-year service with the Mounties have to be recruited. Only those who have served in the normal police service for at least two years can apply - riding is not one of the requirements. That brings with it a lot of involuntarily funny scenes during the entrance exams and training, and the daily drill in the stables and riding arena is a tough transition to patrol duty. Marty Chesser needs a lot of experience to test the candidates on their social skills, their love for horses and the hardships that the service will bring.


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