What language is spoken in Luxembourg

What languages ​​do they speak in Luxembourg? Multilingualism opens the door to life in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is quite a multilingual environment: the majority of Luxembourgers speak four languages ​​and the proportion of foreign residents is almost 50% of the total population. Which language is spoken depends on the particular situation. At least the three administrative languages ​​- Luxembourgish, French, German - are used in administration, and German is more prevalent in the print media. At work, in public life and in club life, however, everything depends on the situation.

In addition to the languages ​​that are used every day in Luxembourg, other languages ​​are also spoken, especially English, Italian and Portuguese, but also Slavic or Scandinavian languages, signs of the rather large expat communities in Luxembourg.

But rest assured: it is rare to find no common language in Luxembourg.

Explore the country

The Tourism is very open to different languages. The websites are multilingual and most of the sights have flyers in several languages. Since many cross-border commuters work in the hotel and catering trade, French and German are used almost everywhere, and English is also very popular.

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