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Ananya Trust

More info: http://www.ananyatrustindia.org/

Ananya means unique and this school is a unique institution indeed!
It was founded in March 1998 in Bangalore for disadvantaged children. Ananya Trust is funded by donations, offers free schooling, individual support and also provides medical care for the students.
Children and young people also get a chance here

  • In mainstream schools, they are considered to be unable to attend school and cannot be integrated because of their behavior
  • Belong to the "first learner generation" (that means the parents do not have a school leaving certificate)
  • With a difficult family background, psychotraumas, special social and emotional needs

Examples of the problematic backgrounds of the children: member of a street gang, delinquent or aggressive behavior, victim of sexual, physical and emotional violence, affected by poverty, drug-dependent parents, half-orphans, etc.
Ananya Trust currently hosts around 70 students aged 9-17. Most of the students live on site during the week and go home at the weekend.

The green campus of Ananya Trust is located in a coconut grove, the grounds are designed for children with play equipment, brightly painted huts, small outdoor classrooms and vegetable patches.

The students are taught in small groups according to their level of learning. This is where educational teaching and learning methods also find their place; the focus is not only on technical teaching, but body, mind and soul are promoted equally (e.g. through life skills, sport,
Music, cultural program, counseling and therapy, excursions, participation in marathons, etc.). The needs of the children are in the foreground here! The students also have the opportunity to acquire an individual school leaving certificate. The aim is to enable young people to do lifelong learning, to strengthen their self-esteem, to promote their individual talents and to give them skills so that they can master their lives independently.
Quotation from students: “Meeting Ananya Trust has been most memorable and rewarding to us. We will also work to help and educate others and give back to the society that thought us so much "

The daily routine is as follows:
  • 6:30 am getting up, personal hygiene, community work, jogging twice a week
  • 8: 30-9: 30 a.m. breakfast
  • 10 am-3pm lessons with lunch break
  • 3 p.m. - 4 p.m. rest time, wash clothes
  • 4 pm-5pm leisure activities
  • 5-6 p.m. community work
  • 6-8 p.m. Leisure activities (e.g. sports, workshops, games, watching films)

The Ananya Trust family consists of a team of versatile teachers, educators and psychologists, a cook and a security guard. In order to ensure the best possible care for the children and young people, Ananya Trust is also networked with other NGOs and aid organizations and attaches great importance to work with parents. All employees exchange ideas with one another in regular teacher conferences.
The project also has space for around 5 volunteers (3 male, 2 female) who can contribute their individual skills and interests. During the week, they mainly take care of the children and young people in the mornings, afternoons and evenings (e.g. leisure time activities, offering workshops) and live on campus. If you want, you can also help shape the lessons. Most of the children and all employees speak English or you can learn Kannada, Hindi or Tamil on site.
Important note: In Ananya Trust, the children and young people are NOT beaten, physically or emotionally abused, which unfortunately is not a matter of course in India. That is why this school is very special and should serve as a role model!

Where is mine Einsatzstelle?

In southern India in the state of Karnataka in the city of Bangalore.

(Source: wikipedia)