Why is Trump against electric cars

TV duel: Trump suddenly thinks electric cars are good

US President Donald Trump made false statements about the promotion of electric mobility in the television debate with his Democratic challenger Joe Biden. When asked by moderator Chris Wallace why his government reversed emissions standards for cars, Trump said, among other things (video from 1:18:50): "I think electric cars are okay too. I'm very much in favor of electric cars. I have strongly promoted electric cars." However, the latter claim does not stand up to a fact-checking.

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With its tax reform of 2017, the Republican Party wanted to completely remove the plug-in electric car credit. With this grant, plug-in and electric car buyers can receive a tax credit of up to $ 7,500. Unlike in Germany, this reimbursement is independent of the purchase price.

The Trump administration made another attempt with its 2020 budget, hoping to save US $ 2.5 billion over the next ten years by abolishing the premium. However, it is not the President who decides on the budget, but the Congress. In addition to the subsidy for electric cars, Trump also wanted to end all other subsidies for renewable energies that his predecessor Barack Obama introduced.

Spongy statements about the climate crisis

On multiple requests from the moderator, Trump admitted in the debate that mankind emits greenhouse gases "to an extent" contribute to global warming. However, he did not expressly commit to climate protection, but simply said: "I want crystal clear water and crystal clear air." He did not attribute the devastating forest fires in California to the effects of climate change, but to poor forest management.

In the almost two-hour debate, Trump reiterated his claims that Europe was in "Forest Cities" live with trees that are much more flammable than those in California. He had made a similar statement in an interview two weeks ago, claiming that the Austrians would "live in the forest".

Trump's explanations of why the withdrawal of emission standards should lead to fewer emissions also remained incomprehensible. According to him, the savings targets make cars much more expensive, "because they have computers everywhere for a little gasoline". Without such guidelines, the sales figures for cars could be "doubled and tripled" become. The cars are now much cheaper and much safer.

The television duel on climate protection: