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Funeral sayings: 150 comforting sayings, poems + quotes

Finding the right words in difficult times: funeral sayings provide comforting and loving formulations to express sympathy. In addition, you will help over your own insecurity to say the wrong thing in the event of a death. We have put together more than 150 mourning sayings for you - beautiful, loving and personal formulations as well as pious mourning cards, examples, poems and quotes. In our selection you will find funeral sayings for the bereaved and what to look out for when writing funeral speeches ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Loving mourning sayings: sympathy for the bereaved

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as the ultimate recipe for mourning messages. How you formulate your condolences always depends on how you feel about the deceased and the bereaved. You formulate a mourning sentence for a former colleague whom you only met briefly differently than for a good friend. In addition, there is often the reason for the loss: an accident, a long, serious illness or simply old age. All of this can flow into the different mourning sayings.

Many sit in front of an empty card and do not know what to write to their relatives: warm and loving formulations that show understanding for the grief, give consolation, offer help, give hope ... All of this is not easy. To help you formulate your funeral remarks, we have put together numerous examples and formulations.

Short funeral sayings

  • "The visible has passed, only love and memory remain."
  • "What remains when everything transient is love."
  • “Time doesn't heal all wounds, it just teaches us to live with the incomprehensible.
  • "With the death of a loved one you lose a lot, but never the time spent together."
  • "When we are where you are now, we will wonder why we cried."
  • "Death can separate two people, but it cannot disconnect them."
  • "Thoughts - moments they will always remind us of you and make us happy and sad and never let you forget."
  • "It doesn't matter when you lose someone, it's always too early and it always hurts."
  • "Farewell is painful, but to know you have been released from your suffering gives us consolation."
  • "Love is always stronger than death."
  • "Our thoughts are with you."
  • “There is no limit to grief. The hope of seeing you again gives consolation. "
  • "The past smiles in beautiful memories."
  • “Only what you can see is gone. What is felt remains forever. "
  • "At the end of the rainbow, loving people will be reunited."
  • "Time doesn't heal all wounds, but it helps to live with the incomprehensible."
  • "Whoever loses a loved one wins a guardian angel."
  • “We are sad that you left, but thankful that you were there. Our thoughts always return to you in love. "
  • "The most beautiful thing a person can leave behind is a smile on the face of those who think of him."
  • "Mourning is loving remembering."
  • "When the sun of life goes down, the stars of memory shine."
  • "Life ends with death, but never love."
  • "Death is not the end, but another door."
  • "A life may end, but memories are forever."
  • "The bridge to you is love."
  • "Every word - too much and yet too little."
  • "We only let go of the hand, not the person."
  • "United in silent sorrow."
  • "It's not a goodbye forever, it's a goodbye."
  • "Memory is a window through which I can see you whenever I want."
  • "Far from the eye, forever close to the heart."
  • "Your steps are silent, but the traces of your life remain."

Examples of personal wording

  • “I was deeply shocked to learn of your loss. I share your grief over such a wonderful person with all my heart. If there is anything I can do for you, I am always there for you. In deep connection and silent sadness ... "
  • “The news of your husband's death has filled us with great sadness. A shock that we can only slightly diminish with our words. Feel depressed by all of us and know that you are not alone. With sincere condolences ... "
  • “It was with great dismay that I learned of your partner's death. I would like to wholeheartedly wish you my condolences on this loss. I will remember Michael as a cheerful and sincere person. If there is anything I can do for you during this time, all you have to do is let me know. In friendship ... "
  • “When we heard the sad news, we could hardly believe it. We want to express our sincere and heartfelt condolences to you. With her cheerful manner, Helene was a role model for all of us that we will always remember. Let us know if there is anything we can help you with. In silent mourning…"
  • “I was only allowed to get to know your husband as a colleague for a short time before he went into well-deserved retirement. I have now learned of your husband's death through mutual colleagues and I sincerely need to express my condolences to you. Karl-Heinz was a patient and kind person who took the necessary time to train a newbie like me. I deeply regret your loss and wish you the strength to get through this time. My sincere condolences…"
  • “I heard about Michael's death from Beate. I didn't realize he was that bad. He left us much too early, the shock can be felt everywhere here. I just want to let you know that I am there for you in these difficult times. If I can support you in any way - taking care of the children or organizational help - don't hesitate to ask. In my thoughts I am with you ... "
  • “I don't know what to write, I'm still completely in shock. Caroline was a good-hearted woman and now she shouldn't be anymore? I can't believe this news yet. Please check me out if I can't find the right words at the moment. But it was important to me that you know that Caroline will be missed here very much. A quiet greeting, also on behalf of all friends ... "

Quotes and poems for funeral speeches

If your own words are missing or seem inadequate, you can use quotes from well-known personalities. Like poems, these are among the classics of funeral speeches. Below we have created a selection of different quotes and poems:

Poems as mourning sayings

  • “Death rearranges the world.
    Apparently nothing has changed
    and yet everything has changed. "(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)
  • "The wind blows a leaf from the tree,
    one of many leaves.
    The one leaf, you hardly notice it
    because one is none.
    But this one leaf was part of our lives.
    Therefore this becomes one leaf alone
    we always miss. "(Unknown)
  • "I'm not dead,
    I'm just swapping the rooms
    I live in you
    and go through your dreams. "(Michelangelo)
  • Divorced from the circle of loved ones,
    from the heart but not
    rest gently in quiet peace,
    we think of you all the time. "(Unknown)
  • "One morning you do not wake up.
    The birds sing as they sang yesterday.
    Nothing changes this new daily routine.
    Only you left.
    You are now free and our tears wish you luck. "(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
  • "Always closer, quietly, quietly,
    The circles of life are drawn
    Fades away what brags and flaunts,
    Hope, hate, love disappears,
    And nothing remained in sight
    As the last dark point. "(Theodor Fontane)
  • “Separation can be called death
    'Cause who knows where we're going
    Death is just a brief separation
    to an eternal reunion. "(Joseph von Eichendorff)
  • “Dying is only a moment.
    Infinite grief remains.
    Death is silent
    when asked why.
    The invisible persists
    so will God's word.
    The visible is subject to time
    and thus the transience. "(Hubert Joost)
  • “Fog, silent fog over sea and land.
    Dead still the mud flats, dead still the beach.
    Sadness, soft sadness covers the earth.
    Soul, dear soul, be silent and dream too. "(Christian Morgenstern)
  • “When I'm dead, you shouldn't mourn at all
    My love will outlast me
    And meet you in strange clothes
    And bless you. "(Joachim Ringelnatz)
  • When in the circle of the lifeworld
    the leaf falls back to earth,
    it just returns to the origin
    and finds his quiet happiness there. "(Unknown)
  • "It is a long way off
    the one we come from.
    It's a distance
    who will be who we go to. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
  • "Death is great
    We are his
    laughing mouth.
    When we mean ourselves in the middle of life
    does he dare to cry
    in the middle of us. (Rainer Maria Rilke)
  • “The longer you are there, the more you are here.
    The further away you are, the closer to me. "(Börries Freiherr von Münchhausen)
  • "And again someone left
    wherever we all go.
    Let's forget worries and fears,
    we'll see each other again. "(Hans Retep)
  • "We go as we came,
    with nothing but us alone.
    The world - these are just names.
    Being remains a miracle. "(Unknown)
  • "Separation is our lot, reunion is our hope.
    As bitter as death is, love cannot separate it. "(Augustine)

Quotes as mourning sayings

  • "What you have deep in your heart cannot be lost through death." (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
  • "I believe that when death closes our eyes, we stand in a light of which our sunlight is only the shadow." (Arthur Schopenhauer)
  • "In parting is the birth of memory." (Salvador Dali)
  • "Man is only really dead when nobody thinks of him any more." (Bertolt Brecht)
  • "You live twice: the first time in reality, the second time in memory." (Honoré de Balzac)
  • "Who dies, awakens to eternal life." (Francis of Assisi)
  • “Death doesn't matter. I just went to the next room. I am me and you are you: Whatever has happened to each other over and over again will continue to apply. "(Henry Scott Holland)
  • “Thank you for the path that you have taken with us. Thanks for the hand that has been so helpful to us. Thank you for being there. "(Rainer Maria Rilke)
  • “If you are looking for me, look in your hearts. If I have found a place to stay there, I will live on in you. ”(Rainer Maria Rilke)
  • "When you think of me, remember the hour when you loved me the most." (Rainer Maria Rilke)
  • “Inner happiness does not depend on material circumstances. It is rooted in our spirit. "(Dalai Lama)
  • "Death is the gateway to light at the end of a path that has become arduous." (Francis of Assisi)
  • "Anyone who crosses a river has to leave one side." (Mahatma Gandhi)
  • “Hope is like a ray of sunshine that penetrates a sad heart. Open it wide and let it in. "(Christian Friedrich Hebbel)
  • "There are only two remedies for the pain of the soul: hope and patience." (Pythagoras)
  • "If it is possible for you to enrich love in the world with just a little spark, then you have not lived in vain." (Jack London)
  • "We are made of the same stuff dreams are made of, and our short lives are embedded in a long sleep." (William Shakespeare)
  • "The person we love is no longer where he was, but he is everywhere we are and remember him." (Albert Schweitzer)
  • “Few people are truly alive, and those who are never die. It does not matter that you are not here anymore. Nobody you really love is ever dead. "(Ernest Hemingway)
  • "To die is just moving to a nicer house." (Elisabeth Kübler-Ross)
  • “People have a soul that is still alive after the body has become earth; it rises through the clear air, up to all the shining stars. "(Hans Christian Andersen)
  • “You are no longer where you were. But you are everywhere we are. "(Victor Hugo)
  • “Life is like snow, you cannot keep it. The consolation is that you were there for hours, months, years. "(Herman van Veen)
  • "You don't carry the past beautiful like a sting, but like a precious gift." (Dietrich Bonhoeffer)
  • "The bonds of love are not severed with death." (Thomas Mann)
  • "Nobody knows death, and nobody knows whether it is not the greatest happiness for humans." (Socrates)
  • “He who lives in the memory of his loved ones is not dead, he is only distant; only dead is he who is forgotten. "(Immanuel Kant)
  • "Shining days, don't cry that they are over, smile that they have been." (Confucius)
  • "Only in the depths of the soul, with the help of that power that is stronger than all reasonableness, can comfort and rest be found." (Wilhelm Busch)
  • "To be able to fall asleep when you are tired and to be allowed to drop a burden that you have borne for a long time, that is a delicious, wonderful thing." (Hermann Hesse)
  • “Before I became an old man, I was concerned about living worthily. In old age I strive to die with dignity. "(Seneca)
  • "What the caterpillar calls the end of the world,
    the rest of the world calls the butterfly. "(Laotse)
  • “All worldly things are just a spring dream. See death as a homecoming. "(Confucius)
  • "To live with grief means to live differently." (Klaus Ender)
  • "Without pain there is no consolation - without suffering there is no redemption." (Cato)
  • "Farewell: we only let go of the hand, not the person." (Anke Maggauer-Kirsche)
  • "Where are we going? Always home. "(Novalis)
  • "Every death passes on life." (Justus Vogt)
  • "In the sea of ​​life, the sea of ​​dying, tired in both, my soul seeks the mountain on which all the tide ebbs." (Japanese wisdom)
  • "For a heart full of joy looks at everything happily, a heart full of sadness everything is cloudy." (Martin Luther)
  • "Infinite grief increases misery." (Homer)
  • “We are like a drop in the ocean. But without this drop the ocean would be a bit smaller. "(Mother Teresa)
  • "Good for people when they have learned to endure what they cannot change and to reveal with dignity what they cannot save." (Friedrich Schiller)
  • "I close my eyes in the blessed knowledge that I have left a ray of light on earth." (Ludwig van Beethoven)
  • "Mourners are generally related." (Franz Grillparzer)
  • "You will be sad when you are alone." (Ovid)
  • "Who knows whether life is not being dead and life being dead?" (Euripides)
  • "Just as a well-spent day brings a happy sleep, so a well-spent life brings a happy death." (Leonardo da Vinci)

Funeral sayings for different types of bereavement

Are you looking for funeral sayings and condolences for funeral cards after the death of your grandmother, mother, father, friends or neighbors? Then you will find further condolences, formulations and mourning sayings for different occasions here.

Funeral sayings grandma

  • "Your house is now full of silence,
    quietly and quietly you went out.
    Your new home is now in heaven
    Grandma, it should be cheerful and colorful.
    As you always have been
    friendly and loving. (Unknown)"
  • "You often read to us and always had an open ear.
    Have always been there for us, you rarely said no.
    We loved your good cakes, the wit and your cheerfulness.
    A grandma like you can be searched for a long time!
    We think of you, now and always! (Unknown)"
  • “There will be silence and emptiness.
    There will be grief and pain.
    It will be a grateful memory
    that lights up the night like a bright star,
    until well into the morning. (Unknown)"
  • "You can see the sun going down slowly and still get shocked when it suddenly gets dark." (Franz Kafka)
  • "Lived a long time, but still
    Grandma was taken from us too soon.
    We mourn, we cry, but you
    came home happy (Unknown)"
  • “In our hearts you, beloved grandma, will live forever.
    You have given us so much over the years.
    We miss your love, warmth and kindness very much
    and we miss your good advice even more. (Unknown)"
  • "Dear grandma, have a good trip,
    unfortunately you go ahead alone.
    In our hearts, albeit quietly,
    you will always be with us. (Unknown)"
  • "Your path is now over, and the night came quietly,
    we thank you for everything you made for us. (Unknown)"
  • “Whoever knew you loved you.
    And whoever loved you weeps for you. "

Funeral sayings mother

  • “When the mother's eyes close, death breaks her faithful heart. Then the most beautiful bond is torn, a mother's heart cannot replace itself. (Unknown)"
  • “Time is limited on earth, love for mother remains in eternity. (Unknown)"
  • "Mothers don't die, like old trees,
    They live in us and in our dreams.
    Like a stone breaks the water level
    draws her life in our circle.
    Mothers don't die.
    Mothers live on in their own way. (Unknown)"
  • “To still have a mother is the greatest bliss, but burying a mother's heart is the worst suffering. Do you bear hard what God sent when a mother's eye breaks, think ‘that everything dies and ends, except mother's love. (Unknown)"
  • "Nothing can go to the heart anymore,
    as the mother see dying,
    her last word, her last look
    never come back to us
    Those who never experience cannot understand
    see the pain, mother die, every heart is bad,
    that mother's love ever forgets. (Unknown)"
  • “Mothers hold their children's hands for a while, but their hearts forever. (Unknown)"
  • “A mother loves without a lot of words.
    A mother helps without a lot of words.
    A mother understands without many words.
    A mother leaves without a lot of words
    and leaves a void
    which no one can express in words. (Unknown)"
  • "The death of a mother is the first sorrow one weeps without her."

Funeral sayings father

  • "The farewell is not forever, only until we meet again."
  • "It's so hard to understand that we'll never see you again."
  • "You have left many traces of love and care, and the memory of all that beautiful with you will always be alive in us."
  • “Death cannot take away the love in our hearts. You live on in our thoughts. "
  • “I can't believe you're gone. But I know that you will continue to stand by my side. "
  • “You were so good - died way too soon. Who knew you - never forgets you. "
  • "You did not go away, you just went ahead."
  • “Your advice, your help, your security and closeness are missing. But the memories and impressions that you left behind remain. "
  • "You have been taken from us from life, but not from our hearts."
  • "Quiet and quiet, without a word,
    did you leave your loved ones
    you had a good heart
    now it rests quietly, but unforgotten. "

Funeral sayings friends

  • "And when you have comforted yourself,
    you will be glad you knew me
    You will always be my friend.
    You will remember how much you loved laughing with me. "(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)
  • "The friendship lives on."
  • “Time together does not come back. But the thought of it gives me strength for the future. "
  • “Memories are little stars that shine comfortingly in the darkness of sadness. (Unknown)"
  • “The candle doesn't notice when its light goes out. But we, the survivors, are sitting in the dark. (Unknown)"
  • “We are grateful for every day we were allowed to spend with you. And mourn for every opportunity that you will no longer be there. (Unknown)"
  • “Every laugh, every memory, we lock in our hearts.
    Real friendship, that's rarely possible without you, it can't be.
    I will never forget what we experienced together.
    We'll see each other again when the wind carries me to you one day. (Unknown)"
  • "We'll go the last way together,
    we accompany you on your walk.
    Our heart is on fire
    We were friends for a lifetime.
    Even if it's over now
    we are left with the memory of you.
    It should be nice where you are now
    my friend - we miss you. (Unknown)"
  • “My friend, you shouldn't go yet.
    The time wasn't that far.
    You wanted to see so many things
    but your struggle is heavy and full of sorrow.
    Now you are free, we look back
    to our time with joy and happiness. (Unknown)"

Funeral sayings neighbor

  • "There is a time for everything, there is a time of joy, a time of silence, a time of pain, sadness and a time of grateful remembrance."
  • "The days of life may be finite, but memories last forever."
  • “The news of the death of ____ hit us all. We mourn with you. "
  • "Good people are like stars, they shine long after they have gone out."
  • "When the power comes to an end, salvation is grace."
  • “It is not the years in our life that count, but life in our years. (Adlai Ewing Stevenson) "
  • “We just learned that ______ has passed away. We were very shocked by the news. We are deeply sad! With sincere sympathy and deep thanks for the good neighborhood ... "
  • "A voice that was familiar to us, is silent. A valuable person and neighbor is no longer alive. What we have left are thanks and memories of many wonderful hours. We are close to you with good thoughts ... "
  • "We will always keep ____ in wonderful memories."
  • “In some moments the world stands still for a moment. As soon as it continues to spin, nothing is the same as it was before. A quiet greeting, also on behalf of all neighbors ... "
  • “In these difficult hours, the consolation is often to be lovingly silent and to suffer in silence. With sincere condolences ... "

How do you write a memorial card?

The first reactions to bereavement are often shock, sadness, bewilderment and a feeling of powerlessness. This is the case with everyone who loses a loved one such as a mother, father, grandma, grandpa or a close friend. The ground is torn from under the feet of those affected, they feel lonely and helpless. The social environment is all the more important now: Family, friends, acquaintances and colleagues should not impose themselves and leave space to deal with the stroke of fate. At the same time, it is important for the bereaved to know: others stand by me - and mourn with me. This is exactly what funeral sayings and memorial cards do: They are a gesture of compassion and a symbol of sincere sympathy.

But how do you write a memorial card? How do you express your sincere condolences? Although death is an everyday occurrence, many are overwhelmed by helping and giving good advice to the bereaved after a death. After all, you don't want to do anything wrong or write something wrong that sounds disrespectful. We can take away your fear: it's the gesture that counts. If you are still unsure what to look out for in funeral speeches - here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions:

"How do I wish you condolences?"

A mourning message is usually a motto in an obituary notice or in a letter of condolence. However, it is best to express condolences in person or over the phone. Let the person concerned know that you have found out about the bereavement and wish them "My (heartfelt) condolences". If this is not possible or desired, send a memorial card.

"When should I hand over a mourning sentence?"

The following applies here: As soon as possible as soon as you find out about the bereavement. Preferably on the same day. If you have verbally expressed your condolences, you can also submit a written card with a mourning statement at the next opportunity or send it by post.

"What should be in a mourning sentence?"

Above all, the words chosen should be comforting, sympathetic and personal. A good option is, for example, a quote or a mourning quote supplemented with a few personal words that you address to the recipient. The unspoken law applies that nothing bad is said about the dead because they can no longer defend themselves. All the better for many bereaved when you can say a few loving words about the deceased.

"How do I hand over a memorial card?"

It is difficult for many, but it is best to hand over funeral speeches in person. A short handshake, a loving hug, a few warm words of sympathy. Such small gestures often mean a lot to those affected and can only be exchanged in person. If you cannot bring yourself to this difficult conversation or if the physical distance is too great, you can also call and send a card with condolences.

"How much should a good grief card cost?"

How much you spend on a memorial card naturally also depends on your personal relationship with the bereaved. An elaborate and personalized card can easily cost ten euros or even more. However, if you have a close contact person, it should be worth this amount to you.

"Can you add money to the memorial card?"

This is controversial: some find it too flat, after all, it is about the loss of a person. However, donations of money are generally not prohibited. If you give away money with the memorial card, you should always note in the condolence letter what the amount is intended for - for example "for flowers". How much money you give away depends on the relationship with the deceased. That can be up to 50 euros, but should never be less than 10 euros. Vouchers are taboo!

"Are funeral sayings appropriate in the job?"

The situation at work is different than in the private sphere. Relationships are less close. Nevertheless, you can and should express your condolences to your colleague at work. You don't have to be friends to show compassion to the bereaved. As a rule, all colleagues sign and hand over a joint memorial card. If, on the other hand, you have a personal to friendly relationship with your colleague, you can only hand over a card from yourself. But do this in a private meeting.

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