Is Afghanistan an Arab country

Languages ​​& dialects in Afghanistan: which language do Afghan refugees speak?

About 49 languages ​​and over 200 different dialects are spoken in Afghanistan. In 1964, however, the Grand Council established Persian (Dari) and Pashto as the official national and government languages ​​as part of the approval of a new constitution.

Interesting facts about Pashto

Pashto is from around 35-55 percent of the population of Afghanistan as mother tongue spoken. The Afghan national anthem is traditionally sung in Pashto, and military titles are also taken from the language. Nevertheless, the Pashtun language is viewed as secondary and has not yet established itself as an administrative language. All attempts by the government to raise the status of Pashto have so far failed.

Interesting facts about Dari

Dari is the one Afghan term for Persian and is the majority language in Afghanistan and is also under the name Farsi known. More than half of Afghans speak a dialect of Persian as their mother tongue. Furthermore, Persian is the language spoken in the capital Kabul and a popular lingua franca between those ethnic groups who do not speak one of the two national languages ​​as their mother tongue.

Other languages ​​of Afghanistan

Five minority languages ​​have been recognized as national languages ​​in Afghanistan since 1980. These are Uzbek, Turkmen, Baluch, Paschai and Nuristani. Also Englishspoken by large parts of the population, even after independence from the United Kingdom in 1919, Afghans still spoke English. For example, the Afghan constitution is also available in English. Most of the time, English is used in the capital Kabul and other large cities and is mainly used on posters, advertisements and institutions. Whether English should become an official language in Afghanistan is currently highly controversial.

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