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Motivation with speaker Dr. Book Jens Wegmann

Motivation with a lot of humor

If you want to give your employees a boost in motivation at the next conference, you are with comedy speaker Dr. Jens Wegmann in the right place. Motivation without "Tschakka", but with a lot of humor. Because nothing strengthens a team more than laughing together. Dr. Wegmann is not a motivational speaker in the true sense of the word, he motivates in a hidden way and without a raised index finger.

He relies entirely on the motivating effect of humor and fills the guest speaker's program as more cabaret Motivator very special kind. Wegmann knows how to use the audience's expectations for his own purposes and steps onto the stage disguised as a boring speaker. But it quickly becomes clear: here is a special one Motivational speaker at work. And when the company's particularities finally become the actual focus of the program, experience shows that there is no stopping it. He welds the audience together and gives them a big shung in his humorous way Motivation. Book Make it the highlight of your program.

Demo video of the motivating speaker

Motivation from the online studio

He has set up a reasonably professional studio in his office to ensure the very best image and transmission quality.

Motivating keynotes are also possible online - Dr. Wegmann also motivates through digital channels

Whether a curse or a blessing for the world of events: the corona pandemic has made it possible for people to meet in a digital space. Meetings, conferences and even Christmas parties will take place online in 2020. One thing is clear: online events also need motivation and positive energy. As a contemporary interested in digital, Dr. Wegmann adjusted to the new situation in a short time and now also gives lectures online if the customer so wishes.

Even if Dr. Wegmann cannot always experience the reactions of the audience himself, thanks to the feedback from the organizers, he is sure that his online presentation will delight the audience. Whether it's an exciting quiz or a competition - in addition to his humor, Dr. Wegmann numerous ideas that keep the event participants in line.

Motivation in turbulent times

The corona pandemic affects all those affected, and everyone is specifically affected. Especially in these times, your employees need a boost of special motivation that gives them hope and trust. Even if it is "only" an online event under certain circumstances: it is good to laugh and think of something completely different from Corona. Therefore, the lectures by Dr. Wegmann is also completely corona-free, even if the accompanying topics such as working in the home office naturally find their way into his current appearances.

Regardless of Corona, it is important to promote team spirit and ensure that employees have shared experiences. Trust in the team can only develop if the team members know each other and know about each other's strengths and weaknesses. A motivating lecture by Dr. Wegmann can be part of an event where your employees can experience something great together.

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Book a guest speaker for a motivating event

Guest speaker on the subject of motivation: you have found him here. The topic of motivation is presented in an absolutely entertaining way. Tailor-made keynotes - that is the characteristic of this speaker. Customized precisely for your audience, the industry and the topic of motivation - this is how many organizers want a speaker. Exceptional guest speakers give unusual lectures. If your kick-off or sales conference should not be monotonous but rather motivating, a commitment from Dr. Wegmann hit the bull's eye. All about guest speakers

Keynote speaker on the topic of motivation

A keynote speaker gives an important speech, usually at the beginning of the event as a foreword or at the end to round it off. He should pull the audience under his spell and win them over to the topic of motivation. Dr. Wegmann is a humorous keynote speaker who presents the topic of motivation in a particularly entertaining way. None of the guests has dealt with this topic in such an entertaining way. You can find a lot more information and references on keynote speakers on the subject of motivation here: Book keynote speakers and keynote speakers

Lecturer who motivates - surprising insights

The speaker gives speeches. That’s clear. But on which topics does he offer lectures? Some speakers have a huge span, others only talk about the world of motivation. Lecture speaker Dr. Wegmann is an expert as a motivator, as he has already given countless lectures in this context. He looks back on a large number of events where motivation was important. You want to know more about speakers: speakers

Subject motivation - this is how the speaker removes doubts

Would you like a competent speaker who is guaranteed to make your event a success? Who gives a lecture in which everyone feels addressed? Then you can contact Dr. Trust Jens Wegmann. He is very familiar with the subject of motivation. Dr. Wegmann will entertain the audience in the best possible way. Make the decision now, Dr. Wegmann to inquire without obligation. The speaker's office receives numerous lecture requests around the clock. Because the recommendations of previous customers speak for themselves. Speaker

Pure motivation

Innovative, surprising - a very special kind of appearance

Motivational speaker Dr. Wegmann prepares meticulously in advance of the respective event in consultation with the organizer and develops a cabaret guest lecture that relates directly to the audience. Wegmann reaches the auditorium in an emotional way and strengthens both a sense of community and a sense of community. Some call Dr. Wegmann is a motivational speaker, but he's more of a public speaker than a trainer. But in either case there is a huge boost in motivation.

How much does it cost to book a motivational speaker?

Anyone planning an event has to stick to their budget and raises the question of the cost of the products and services that an event requires. Catering, program, rooms ... everything has to be planned in advance. Speakers' fees are an important point here. When customers call a motivational speaker, you often have no idea what a speaker would cost.

Dr. Wegmann specializes in events for companies and associations. Fees between € 4,000 and € 6,500 are quite common there. These fees are really reasonable: if you let loose a lecture at a customer event on your best customers, you have to be sure that the event will be a success. Dr. With his experience from over 900 corporate events, Wegmann stands for a successful event and an all-round satisfied audience. Düsseldorf speakers How much does a speech by Dr. Wegmann exactly? Just give him or his staff a call. Dr. Wegmann and his team are happy if you are interested in your services.

The expenses are matched by a fantastic performance - today the guests are excited

All employees enjoyed the performance and were thus able to collect enough motivation and enthusiasm for the tasks in the coming year. Dr. Wegmann involved the entire audience, set one punch line after the other and thus repeatedly caused surprises. After evaluating the feedback forms, the employees considered the kickoff to be a great success, not least because of your contribution. The comedy speech was repeatedly mentioned with praise and thanks. You made a significant contribution to the success of the kickoff event and achieved a high point with the performance. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team once again for the extremely successful presentation.

It is almost a tradition that Dr. Jens Wegmann is on the conference program. We were all the more pleased that you were able to be there again this year and that you supported us professionally with your lecture on the subject of "Motivation". The comedy speech was humorous and varied, but also elegantly critical. According to the briefing, the motto "Motivation and Integration" was perfectly integrated into the conference program. The audience was captivated from the first moment and followed your speech with excitement until the end - the word "mood" is still a popular word today.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for the perfectly staged motivational appearance by Mr Jan Ditgen at our annual conference in the community center in Denzlingen. It was the highlight of the event and remained the main topic of conversation in our company for days afterwards. Embedded in a supporting program of specialist lectures by our board members and executives, the appearance by Dr. Jens Wegmann for a surprising loosening up of the course of the event.

Humor and its motivational qualities

In this sense, Wegmann's appearance does not function as a mere cabaret show, but rather as a connecting element that has a motivating effect. Ultimately, the focus is on having fun together, which combines identity-creating and synergetic effects at the highest level. Humor as a carrier and mediator of the most positive qualities experiences a unique use in this way, but always remains generally acceptable.

Again to tick off:

  • first class references
  • inspiring motivational lecture
  • each speech is adapted to the event
  • amusing and really very humorous
  • best possible support before the event
  • the participants are motivated and have the best memories of the event
  • meaningful demo video - so you don't have to book the pig in a poke
  • specially made for business events
  • courteous customer service
  • Experience from over 800 lectures

The guests are very motivated

Real motivation for everyone

The appearance of motivational speaker Dr. Wegmann is specially geared towards the program item as a guest speaker and offers the unique opportunity to make the respective event a comprehensive success. Because only when the audience's perspective has been expanded to include an important facet and only satisfied faces leave the hall, the organizer can speak of a successful event. And that applies equally to a conference, a business event or an anniversary celebration.

Lecturer & guest speaker on the subject of motivation

With his humorous lecture, speaker Dr. Wegmann among the best speakers in Germany. Whatever you are planning: every event benefits from the exuberant atmosphere and the particularly positive energy and motivation that a speech by this speaker immediately spreads. Because the experienced guest speaker accompanies his audience on an unforgettable journey with surprising moments and twists and turns.

For his lectures, Dr. Wegmann developed an unusual approach: This speaker disguises himself as a supposedly drab specialist speaker, of whom the audience has no special expectations. He inspires the participants especially at business events. The spectrum of his lectures ranges from conferences to events for customers and anniversary celebrations to award ceremonies. Wherever motivation is required, Dr. Wegmann up.

Dr. Wegmann is an excellent speaker. For example, he is a "CSP", an award given by the US national speakers association for outstanding achievements. Only a dozen guest speakers in Germany carry this award.