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Cleanliness is of the utmost importance when traveling, especially in times of COVID-19, but you can be sure that your travelers can rest assured when they fly Delta. We continue to treat every surface on board all flights with an electrostatic spray process, and our flight attendants are required to regularly clean surfaces with high contact frequencies in the sanitary facilities during a flight. But we don't stop there. All Delta teams are strongly focused on providing the highest levels of protection in order toensure the safety of your travelers and to keep all flights clean and comfortable for you, this applies to the entire aircraft - including the sanitary facilities.
Customer feedback is once again the driving force behind Delta to become the first US airline * to install hand sanitizer stations - with PURELL® Advanced hand sanitizer - near the doors and sanitary facilities on every Delta aircraft. Once on board, travelers will also notice that reminders have been added for frequent hand washing and some touch-free functions on faucets, flush levers and waste lids. Additional protective measures like these are still our focus and we are committed to further investigating how Delta can install even more contactless functions throughout the entire travel experience.
* Based on a review of US airline websites and press pages on August 24, 2020.


Here are five measures we take to keep the sanitary facilities - and the rest of the travel experience on board - safe, clean and comfortable on every flight, and we will make further improvements:

1. Hand sanitizer stations will soon be installed on your flight:Delta will be the first US airline * to have hand sanitizer stations near boarding doors and sanitary facilities on every Delta aircraft. Customers are really never more than a few meters away from hand sanitiser.

Depending on the size of the aircraft and the number of customers, each Delta aircraft will have up to five hand sanitizer stations. Installation began on August 28 on the Boeing 757-200 fleet.

2. Flight attendants clean highly frequented surfaces in the sanitary facilities on every flight: During the flight, the flight attendants make sure that the sanitary facilities are clean, tidy, completely filled with the required products and always ready for the passengers. With kits that contain disinfectant spray and wipes, as well as gloves, flight attendants ensure that thorough disinfection is complete before boarding and is maintained throughout the flight.

3. Contactless functions, already in many sanitary facilities: The sanitary facilities in the Delta A350, A330-900neos, 767-400 and 757-200 already have a number of touch-free functions for taps, flush levers and waste lids. While we look at other ways to reduce touchpoints, we will also look at how we can further promote touchless functionality throughout the travel experience.

4. Hand washing remindersin all sanitary facilities:Already installed in more than 130 aircraft, reminders for hand washing will soon be installed in the sanitary facilities of all aircraft in the fleet.

5. We continue to use an electrostatic spray process before every flight, every day: Every surface on board is cleaned with an electrostatic spray process before boarding. Following the disinfection process, the cleaning teams work through an extensive checklist of cleaning measures in which the same high-quality disinfectant is used to clean personal and communal areas in the cabins - including the sanitary facilities. Our employees then carry out random checks throughout the aircraft and if the status does not meet the high standards before customers board, our teams are required to delay the flight and call a cleaning crew again.