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vegan & vegetarian


Vegetarianism, variants, motifs, hidden animal, alternatives




denotes different diets free from animal products.
There are different forms of vegetarianism, different motifs, lots of hidden animal ingredients and alternatives to animal products.


As a vegetarian one could suffer from incomprehensible looks. In our omnivorous society, vegetarians are something special and their motives are questioned.
On the other hand, those of the omnivore are self-evident.
(Omnivores, in German "omnivorous", that is not meant negatively, even if this official term seems like that).
Depending on your perspective, each side can also be declared crazy. Culture or tradition justify neither one nor the other, so be peaceful and respected, at least tolerate each other.


I've already met the craziest guys, and I particularly remember my first meeting with a vegan in the early 1980s; the human did not want to sit in my "tail fin" because there were leather seats in it; but half his life was made of plastic, which in turn I couldn't do anything with.
Every Jeck is different and so there are countless variations within this form of nutrition.




Vegetarian means plant-based nutrition, including mushrooms and products made from bacterial cultures
Lacto-vegetarian food includes dairy products.
Lacto-ovo vegetarians As the root of the word suggests, they also eat without dairy products and eggs,
Ovo vegetarian food is without dairy products but with eggs.
Pescetarians do without meat and poultry, but not fish.
I knew someone who only ate vegetarian fish, i.e. only those who did not feed themselves on other fish.
Fruitarians (Fruitaner, Fruganer) also avoid products in the vegetarian diet that damage the plant; so fruits and seeds are consumed, fruits, nuts, grain, but not plants that are destroyed for consumption like salads and vegetables. Some of them eat windfalls alone.
Flexitarians are called people who only occasionally consume meat.
• "Pudding vegetarians"do not eat meat, but do, for example, products containing gelatine or sugar and ignore wholesome substitute products (with which they move on thin ice, because of health, see below).
vegan keep your distance from all products of animal origin.
This also includes gelatin and honey, as well as rennet in cheese. Rennet is obtained from beef stomachs, there is also rennet from microbial production and, rarely, from bedstraw. Only controlled biological microbial rennet is guaranteed to be produced without genetic engineering aids.
Vegan raw foodists are limited to raw food, as part of the vegan diet,
Organic vegans eat exclusively organically grown products. Some of them only use products from farms that do not operate livestock.



There are ethical, health, political, religious, philosophical motives, personal intolerances, aversions to meat or its taste. Or or.
The main idea is usually that animals should not be harmed.
For vegetarians, suffering begins with killing animals, for vegans it begins with the use of animals.
As a consequence, such products are avoided to a greater or lesser extent, from meat, poultry and fish to milk, eggs, cheese, honey, to fur, leather, wool, down, gelatine and horn meal. And possibly even more far-reaching, up to the rejection of keeping pets, hunting, animal experiments, zoos, aquariums, circuses.
What is the difference between humans and animals?
How can animal exploitation be legitimate?
Like humans, animals show social behavior, intelligence and the ability to suffer. Treating them differently than humans is as arbitrary as treating people of other cultures, skin colors, or the opposite sex differently.
Vegetarians live healthier lives, partly because they avoid saturated fats from animal products.
For a long time science assumed that humans had to consume animal products and were predestined for them. Today we know that vegan or vegetarian diets do not necessarily lead to deficiency symptoms. However, it is not enough just to leave out animal products, but make sure that there are enough substitutes. A wholesome (B vitamins in cereals), low sugar (B vitamin robbers), varied, fresh and at best organic cuisine prevents this.
Environmental policy
Animal husbandry and husbandry produce more greenhouse gases than the production of plants. More land is needed, possibly by clearing forests, more water, more energy, and animal husbandry eats up significantly more resources. Animal excretions contribute significantly to global warming.
The mostly higher nutritional value of animal products puts this ratio into perspective, but ultimately does not lead to any significant environmental relief.
A vegetarian diet can significantly improve the nutritional situation around the world.
Karma is the cause and effect principle. Every action has a consequence that is revealed in this or the next life.
If the act of violence brings you bad karma, almost half of all Hindus follow the principle of non-violence by following a vegetarian diet.

hidden animal


I didn't intend to spoil anyone's appetite ... but some vegans will throw up afterwards.
The animal is in thousands of things. Without obligation to declare.
It is by no means the exception but the rule that juices and wines are made with bone meal, i.e. gelatine.
It is used in wine for fining, it softens the tannins and makes the wine softer.
It is used for clarification in juices. A clear juice does not necessarily have to have been clarified with gelatine. A cloudy juice can still contain gelatin.
I don't have to emphasize that Momo only offers juices from gelatine-free production, do I? Our wines may be labeled "vegan" on the shelf label.
It can also be found in confectionery such as gummy bears, marshmallows, in cake glazes, jellies, yogurts, cheese, margarine, in the shells of medicinal, cosmetic or nutritional capsules.
By the way: photo paper contains gelatine.
Activated carbon
Sugar is added to almost every processed product. Refined sugar is decolorized with activated charcoal. This can be made from charcoal.
It is said that this is unusual in Germany, but that doesn't mean much in the global market.
Activated charcoal is also used to purify wine, beer and juice.
of animal origin is used in a wide variety of cosmetic articles.
Crystals in LCD screens are made with cholesterol.
is found as a flavoring in soups and sauces and snacks, as a carrier in medicines.
Animal fat
hide in surfactants in detergents, cleaning agents and cleaning agents, shampoos and soap, shaving foam, lipstick, medicines, wall paints.
Carmine red
the scale insect can also be found in cosmetics, beverages, in paint and wall paints and in red-colored fabrics.
in chewing gum, in paints and adhesives. As an adhesive for cigarettes, as an ingredient in tattoo inks.
Hair, wool and feathers
in pillows, covers, blankets, in brooms, brushes, as filling in mattresses and upholstered furniture.
in clothing, yarn, cord and rope. Silk powder in cosmetics and soaps.
In this context, it occurs to me that I used to be a musk scent lover. Heavy, sweet, beguiling. Until one day it dawned on me that with "Musk" I was inflicting the sexual attractants of a beef. The rutting gland of the musk ox. It is taken from the dead male animal, so a few grams of the coveted fragrance are obtained, which is attributed, among other things, to aphrodisiac properties.


Despite the ban in Europe, the musk deer is on the verge of extinction. "Muskrat apples" were already worn on the neck in the Middle Ages to protect against the plague, musk has been a component of Chinese medicine for thousands of years, for tradition many thousands of animals are killed every year; Mohammed, Marco-Polo, undundund (because of culture or tradition, see above).


In the western world, a synthetic replica is now used, the side effects of which, however, do not promise much, because nitro-musk compounds and polycyclic musk compounds are very poorly degradable. They accumulate in bodies of water and finally in living bodies, for example they can be found in breast milk, but also in various types of fish. So you don't have to smell it, there is enough of it in the environment.
These compounds are suspected of triggering allergies and skin damage, being genetically damaging, hormonally and carcinogenic, in some cases there are only bans (depending on the state of the art).




as for the food
As a meat "substitute" May serve: Seitan (wheat protein), tofu (soy protein), tempeh (fermented soy) and textured soy (soy puree pressed through nozzles).
Mushrooms often have a similar consistency, e.g. oyster mushrooms and shiitake.
For baked goods Soy flour is an excellent substitute for eggs.
For gelling Agar-agar (from seaweed), locust bean gum (the kernels of the pods of the baobab tree; carob is also obtained from the pods), pectins from fruits, starch from corn or potatoes and arrowroot or guar gum.
As HonigersatFor example, rice syrup, agave syrup, maple syrup and various concentrated juices are available. Thick juice can be clarified with gelatin, so be careful. Incidentally, surprisingly good desserts can be prepared with tofu (see Momo's recipes).
As a milk substitute serve a whole range of milk-like cereal, nut or soy drinks.


My conclusion


'Vegetarian' and 'organic' are neither included nor excluded. A question of motives or consistency. If the motives somehow also consider health aspects, a regular visit to the health food store remains the imperative. Conventional products for the "target group" vegetarians are often like a cocktail from the chemistry laboratory.
Likewise, ethical motives exclude the usual, conventional forms of factory farming.
You are what you eat, and that is a free decision for everyone. Tolerate them. Respect for freedom.
What I find really bad is when someone points their finger at another instead of touching their own nose. A very bad childhood must be the cause if a vegetarian wants to put his fellow human beings right and vice versa, if omnivores think they have leased the better philosophy of life. It is simply the inability to engage in a self-critical discussion.
By the way: Since 1978, my 18th birthday, I've been a vegetarian without apostles and a few years later I said goodbye to fish. For many reasons, the priorities of which have changed over the years. Nevertheless, we have an organic butcher in our shop.



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