Why shouldn't we suppress our feelings

What happens to your body when you suppress your feelings for someone

Displacement does not help

Actually, being in love is something beautiful. But if there is one-sided love or great uncertainty, being in love feels anything but nice. psychologist Dr. Nora Girardi declared opposite Bustlethat our feelings never really go away when we try to suppress them - or when we do, then only for a short time. The harder we try to push our emotions away, the bigger we make the whole thing. So, to get over someone, you shouldn't just brush your feelings under the rug, but rather deal with them.

The result: stress and insomnia

Suppressing your feelings is like keeping a secret with you - which is a stressful situation for most people. Our body goes into fight or flight mode and does not function as usual. In such situations, we often suffer from sleep problems, difficulty concentrating or loss of appetite. The clinical psychologist Dr. Sherrie Campell recommends on bustle.com hence, to deal with one's feelings, to accept them and not to put oneself under pressure.

Tip: write down your thoughts or share them with someone

It helps to ask yourself: how am I feeling? Why do i feel this way? What do I want or can I do about this? If there is no one around you with whom you can talk about your feelings, it can also be very helpful to write your thoughts down. It's certainly not that easy at first, and it also takes a bit of practice. In this way, however, you will become even more clear about what is going on in your head, you will not feel so exposed and you can process everything better. You may even manage to tell the person concerned about your feelings - once you have formulated your thoughts for yourself, the next step is often not that difficult anymore. And whatever the reaction, you'll be glad (and proud!) Afterwards that you did it.