Can you separate a Paypal payment

Unlink PayPal from online accounts

Peter-Stelzel Morawietz

A blanket PayPal payment permit is practical, but it also involves risks. This is how you can remove them again.

EnlargeLinking an online account for shopping with the PayPal account is convenient, but involves greater security risks. You can delete the shortcut.

It is convenient if you buy something on the Internet and can pay immediately by PayPal transfer without having to log in to the payment service again. But this convenience goes hand in hand with the risk that - should the purchase account be hacked - fraudsters can shop at your own expense, because the payment account is automatically linked.

Using the example of Ebay and, the Deutsche Post shopping platform, we will show you how to delete the link with your PayPal account. On Ebay, log into your Ebay account, click on “My eBay” and switch to the “eBay Account” tab. Then click in the list on the left on “PayPal account” and then under “What would you like to do next” on the link “Remove link”.

If you would like to completely exclude payment with PayPal at, log into, go to "My details> Edit payment details> (PayPal account) Delete> Yes> Save".

If you just want to cancel the automatic link, log into PayPal, call up your profile and click on "Bank details". You can select a payment method and cancel your direct debit agreement in the "PayPal payment by merchant direct debit" section.