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Legal Notice

The currently valid sales prospectus including the contractual terms and conditions as well as the current annual and / or semi-annual report of the fund form the sole basis for the purchase of investment units. You can obtain these documents directly from Union Investment or from our sales partners.

Content of the illustrations:

All statements in our internet presentations are based on the current legal and tax law situation. However, future legal developments cannot be foreseen and could lead to different results.
The information on the website has been researched and compiled with great care. However, Union Investment does not accept any liability for the accuracy of the information. Any liability is limited to gross negligence.

The representations do not contain any offer or recommendation to acquire certain investment products. This also applies to the description of individual securities or issuers. Our information cannot replace investor and investment-oriented advice. We therefore ask you to contact your local bank advisor if you have any further questions.

Sales restrictions:

In many countries, the dissemination of the information mentioned on our website and the offering of investment units are prohibited unless the capital management company of the special fund has submitted a report of business operations to the local supervisory authorities or the necessary permission has not been obtained from the responsible supervisory authorities. In the absence of such notification / permission, the presentations on the Union Investment website are not to be understood as an offer to purchase investment shares. If you are interested in purchasing unit certificates, we therefore recommend that you contact one of our sales partners or Union Investment directly.

Information on past investment results is no guarantee of future performance. These can be higher or lower than in the past. Unless otherwise stated, the information on previous performance is based on calculations using the BVI method. The calculation was based on a reinvestment of the total distribution (cash distribution including possible tax credits) at the share value, whereby tax considerations were not taken into account.

Selling investment shares to US citizens or within the US:

The information mentioned here and the funds managed by Union Investment are not intended for sale in the USA or to US citizens. This applies to both US citizens and US residents. This regulation also applies to partnerships and corporations established under the laws of the United States of America or one of its states, territories or an overseas possession of the USA.

If the Union Investment website is accessed via hyperlinks from another website, Union Investment is not liable for the link or for the content of the websites of third parties. If Union Investment redirects from its website to the website of a third party, Union Investment also assumes no liability for the content or correctness of the statements made there.

We would like to provide you with the current prices for the units in our fund every trading day by 6:00 p.m. at the latest. However, since the investigations are based on extensive calculations and methods, delays may occur due to transmission errors, system malfunctions or public holidays in other countries. We ask for your understanding in such cases. The prices are without guarantee.


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