Can I stream local TV channels

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Apart from the enthusiasm for the streaming offer from Netflix via Amazone Prime, linear television is still justified. All the better that you can watch TV on certain Fritzbox devices directly via the router. We explain which Fritzbox supports TV streaming and which settings you need to make.

Which devices are supported?

In order to enable television via WLAN via the Fritzbox, some requirements must be met. According to the manufacturer, the Fritzbox must be connected to the Internet with a DSL / IPTV connection from Telekom (MagentaTV) or Vodafone (Vodafone TV). So if you have an Internet connection via the cable network with providers such as Vodafone, formerly Kabel Deutschland, Unitymedia or other local providers, then the probability is high that you can watch live TV via your router. Matching cable Fritzboxes such as the Fritzbox Cable 6490, 6590 or the 6590 provide an integrated cable tuner, which receives the TV picture and can distribute it to your devices in the network.

Smartphones, on which the Fritz TV app can be installed, serve as receiving devices. If you prefer to watch TV via your PC, you can stream via the VLC player in the WLAN. First, however, the live TV must first be set up on the Fritzbox.

Set up live TV on the Fritzbox and stream it on the PC

Follow our step-by-step instructions or take a look at the quick start guide.

Watch TV on your smartphone via the app

It doesn't always have to be the television - you can also watch TV via your smartphone. If you have set up the correct Fritzbox and live TV, you only need to download the Fritz TV app. This is called "FRITZ! App TV" and is available for Android and iOS. Simply connect your smartphone to the same WLAN as the Fritzbox. The app will then automatically show you the stations it has found. Tap a station to stream it. That's it for use. The app also offers the option of setting favorites and of course zapping.

quick start Guide

  1. Log in to your Fritzbox in the browser. Either via the local IP of the router or via
  2. In the menu on the left, click "DVB-C"and then on"Station search".
  3. Now start this with "Start station search".
  4. The process can take up to 15 minutes. When the search is complete, navigate to "Channel list".
  5. Here you will find an overview of the available TV channels. Scroll down and click "Generate station list". An m3u file is generated.
  6. You open this in turn with the VLC player, which automatically starts the first TV channel in the playlist on it.
  7. If you want to change the channel, open the Playlist. This works via the symbol with the three lines and the arrow in the lower bar.