Is England a good football team

Good news from England: the return of the fans to the stands has a specific date

In theory, up to 10,000 fans can return to the stadiums in the second half of May. At least that's what they sound like brave plans from Britain. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson presented the approval of the corona measures, which will take place gradually in four phases.

From March 29th, the outdoor sports fields will be open to footballers, tennis players and golfers. The implementation of this plan was particularly due to the high Vaccination rate of the population enabled in the country. Fitness centers, swimming pools and various other recreational facilities are expected to open in mid-April.

Return of the fans to the stadiums

And now for football. The British want to launch a series of pilot events and, in close collaboration with the government, would like to have at least a small number of fans in the stands. This is especially that League Cup Final - Carabao Cupwhich will be held at Wembley on April 25th.

If these pilots go well, there is a chance that 10,000 spectators will be allowed into the stadiums, or 25% of the total capacity of the stadiums, whichever is smaller. However, according to the plan, this will not happen until May 17th.

Due to the fact that the FA Cup final If it's already on May 15th, it will most likely be played behind closed gates or with a minimum of spectators. The good news, however, is that under the release schedule, fans will be able to enjoy the Premier League finals, which will end on May 23rd.

The next good news is also the determination of Premier League management to start the new 2021/2022 season to begin with the full capacity of the fans in the stands.

Hope for a normal European championship

It looks like the European Football Championship could take place as normal. These start on June 11th and last exactly one month. According to Johnson, the British could go to "Normal life" return from June 21st. Then the fourth phase of publication should end.

At Wembley Stadium seven games take place. Three groups, a round of 16 and the entire finals from the semi-finals. There are also four games in Glasgow, Scotland, which is also part of the UK and is subject to the same measures.

From the third round of the basic groups, which will be played on June 22, it could theoretically be played in front of full grandstands in Wembley and Glasgow.

What about other sports?

Wimbledon was the only Grand Slam that was completely canceled last year due to the Covid 19 pandemic. This year the program starts on June 28th. The organizers are ready for variants with full capacity, reduced capacity and also the possibility of it being played without spectators. However, every organizer hopes that they can welcome the spectators and them maximum security can guarantee during the tournament.

One of the most watched events also has an appointment in the summer. The Formula 1 race at Silverstone is scheduled for July 18th. How many fans walk through the turnstiles is still a mystery. However, there will almost certainly not be as many as there were in 2019 when there were more than 350,000 spectators at the race.

The organizers of the Rugby League World Championshipsthat are on the program in England from October and November have much better prospects. Everything indicates that the tournament spectators are a given.

And finally one more Treat. In 2021 two top-class boxers will meet in the ring. The duel Anthony Joshua vs. Tyson Fury is referred to as the fight of the century. After the summer duel of the titans, there should be a rematch in winter. The date, venue and the number of tickets for spectators directly in the stadium will be confirmed in the coming months. Preliminary information speaks of the first duel in summer and the rematch in winter. Both duels should take place at Wembley.