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USA: Lots of attacks and a Hitler comparison: Trump and Biden deal out in a TV duel

The answers to the wise last question were revealing. After an unexpectedly disciplined one and a half hour debate, moderator Kristen Welker wanted to know from the two candidates for the White House what they would say to the citizens who would not have voted for them after an election victory. It was the moment for a statesmanlike appearance.

"We will make our country as big as it was before the plague," said Donald Trump, before falling back into his campaign mode: "I have cut taxes. He wants to increase them. If he wins, there will be a depression. " The man at the other desk took on a distinctly different tone: "I am an American President," answered Joe Biden: "I represent you all, regardless of whether you have voted for me. I believe in decency, honor and character."

TV duel in the USA: Donald Trump calls Joe Biden corrupt

The contrast could hardly have been stronger. The tone and style of the second TV duel differed significantly from the chaotic first verbal tavern brawl. Obviously, Trump's advisors had strongly recommended that you refrain from boasting and interfering. But Trump still did not want to play the role of President. He did not try to convince voters with arguments, nor did he come up with a plan for a second term.

Instead, Trump played his favorite role - that of the accusing outsider. "That is the objection of a typical politician," he commented on a statement by Biden. He repeatedly accused his challenger of having been in politics for 47 years and not having made a difference. "Why haven't you done that long ago?" Asked the man who has been living in the White House for four years and who is suddenly announcing a "wonderful brand new health insurance policy" to the opponent who is applying for his job. Biden, he cautioned, was only making a lot of words.

It was as if Trump had swapped the script without further ado, and Biden did not immediately find a sovereign answer. In the first half of the duel, the 77-year-old seemed to be talking too fast and began to stammer in between. He was tense: The ex-Vice President knew that Trump would launch an attack on him and his son Hunter because of his previous business activities in Ukraine and China. The evidence is extremely thin. This did not prevent Trump, who has been shown to benefit from the presidency with his hotels, from calling Biden a "corrupt politician". "I haven't received a penny from another country in my life," countered Biden firmly, pointing out that it was Trump who paid $ 180,000 in taxes in China and has not yet disclosed his financial records in the US.

Joe Biden: "We also had good relations with Hitler before he invaded Europe"

After this exchange of blows, Biden suddenly seemed more secure and aggressive. "We also had good relations with Hitler before he invaded Europe," he countered Trump's bragging rights about his good relations with the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. When the president claimed that Biden wanted to introduce socialism in health care, he replied: "He thinks he's going against someone else."

The contrasts in the Corona policy were clear. The virus will go away on its own, claimed Trump: "We are learning to live with it." In fact, the USA is currently experiencing a third wave with rapidly increasing numbers. "We learn to die with it," countered Biden. The differences of opinion in immigration policy are hardly less great. Trump's government has separated 500 children from their parents illegally entering the country. “That doesn't reflect our nation. That's criminal, ”Biden said indignantly. The President, on the other hand, said: "We take very good care of them."

This time too, the audience did not learn much that was new in the matter. In the end it was a draw. But thanks to the precise conduct of the conversation by the perfectly prepared presenter, Trump's outbursts were limited, the audience could understand the arguments - at least acoustically. In terms of content, it wasn't always that easy. "I know more about wind than you do," said Trump once: "It is extremely expensive, it kills all birds, all wind turbines are built in Germany and China, and the exhaust gases go up." No scientist supports this claim, replied Biden. But that was not what Trump was after. He wanted to be outraged by Biden's plan to cut subsidies for the oil industry.

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