Which is better WhatsApp or Hike Why

Almost everyone now has WhatsApp on their smartphone. The number of downloads of this practical app is increasing steadily. WhatsApp is easy to use, fast and free? Wait a minute, wasn't there something? WhatsApp has been costing around € 1 a year for a few months and is no longer free. Many are willing to pay € 1 for WhatsApp. After all, the SMS costs would be significantly higher. But you don't always have to use WhatsApp. There is now a good alternative - hike. Hike is a messaging app, is free and supports all popular formats that are also supported with WhatsApp. Hike was developed by Bharti Softbank. This app has already been downloaded over 1 million times in the Google Play Store. Hike is becoming increasingly popular with many as it is just as good as WhatsApp. Or even better?

Voice messages, locations, pictures and videos can also be sent at Hike. The function that so-called doodles can be sent with the app is also very interesting. Doodles are small, hand-drawn pictures. Group chats are also supported by the approx. 8MB app. One advantage of Hike over WhatsApp is that the messages are sent via 128-bit SSL encryption, even in WLAN. Sending messages with hike is therefore protected. The user interface on Hike is similar to that on WhatsApp. It looks modern and well structured. There are at least as many smileys and icons on Hike as on WhatsApp.

Many of your friends will not have Hike installed on their smartphone yet. You can send an invitation SMS to them free of charge, in which it says in English that you are now using Hike.

In my test, I made the experience that even some of my friends have already installed the app alongside WhatsApp.

Sending the messages with hike went smoothly in my test. The messages reached the recipient just as quickly as they are used to from WhatsApp. The opposite also sees when the chat partner is writing a message. With hike this is indicated with three small dots in the chat. A kind of "greeting" can also be sent in the chat window with a double click. A blue symbol then appears on the recipient's side. This is a nice function, but invites you to use it too often.

My conclusion for Hike is consistently positive. The app is in no way inferior to WhatsApp. In terms of functionality, interface and operation, the app can easily keep up with the big rivals. Unfortunately, hike is not that common yet. However, this may change in the next few months or years. Because free apps are always welcomed by users!

What is your opinion on Hike, will Hike be as successful as WhatsApp? Perhaps you are already using the app? Just write your opinion under this post!