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EXO-Ls are considered to be one of the most problematic fandoms out there. Although some surveys in the past have shown that BLINKs have also been very popular when it comes to attracting attention, these incidents are often limited to social media. Not so with EXO-Ls, which have shown many times in the past how much chaos they bring with them. Today we're going to show you the highlights and thus some of the worst events.

One thing should be made clear here: In each of these events, the number of local and thus Korean EXO-Ls clearly predominated.

1. The boycott against Chen

There is actually no fandom that takes such forceful action against someone you were once a fan of. When the EXO Member Chen decided to get married and it became known that he would be a father, literally all hell broke loose.

First the anti-fan club EXO-L ACE was founded, from which money was collected, among other things, to place newspaper advertisements and SM entertainment forcing Chen to be kicked out of the band. The label even got a lot of Chen merchandise sent back, destroyed of course. The agency did not accept the packages.

(Something similar did an angry BLINK as well as the relationship of Jennie and Quay confirmed, but most of the BLINKs were on their side.)

2. Girl’s Day’s Minah was loudly insulted

After this Minah of Girl’s Day told in an interview that DO Many EXO-Ls saw red as their ideal type. They not only attacked the singer on her social media accounts, but also shouted insults loudly to her while she was with her members at the 4th GAON KPOP Awards posed for photos on the red carpet.

  • At 0:22 you can hear someone shouting "Get out, get out!"
  • At 0:23 you can hear someone shouting “How can she dare to come out ?!”
  • In addition, mixed up insults can often be heard, such as "Get out, you sleepy!" and rude shouts like “Hey, you there!”, which are probably directed at her too.

On top of that, around the time (it was the year 2015) Soyin put her Instagram account on private because she was also flooded with hateful comments. Some EXO-L felt that they and D.O were secretly dating.

3. Baekhyun’s relationship was destroyed by EXO-Ls

Hardly that the relationship of Baekhyun and Taeyeon was confirmed, there was criticism from all sides. The fact that the relationship broke up as a result has since been indicated several times by both of them.

You can read more about it and what price idols often have to pay for their love here.

4. Suzy was verbally abused - because her song charted higher

Apparently EXO-L makes no difference who they attack. The main thing is that they can, according to their own opinion, defend their favorite band.

What about Suzy happens? The singer actually only uploaded one Instagram post because she was happy to see the song Only you of miss A (the band of which she was a member) slipped up to number 1. That threw EXO’s Call me baby in second place. The comments speak for themselves. She is insulted in the worst possible way that the song is just crap, that she should piss off and that she is totally selfish, because with all the showing off she could have uploaded at least a photo with the band instead of a selfie.

Incidentally, at that time, miss A had climbed to first place for the first time after a year and four months.

After the post was uploaded to an online community, both fandoms began to fight each other in the comments ...

5. You ruined your own fan meeting

And then strangers afterwards.

In 2013 it happened that a fan meeting including an autograph session had to end earlier because the fans got out of control.

Afterwards, they were so frustrated that they took the fan meeting from B.A.P that also took place that day, only to vent their anger on the fans there.

6. EXO-Ls have been banned from SBS Inkigayo

But that didn't stop her from behaving completely wrong. SBS Inkigayo then went so far as to ban all EXO fans from the audience.

The complaints about EXO-Ls were so massive that fans of other fandoms even called the police and complaints were filed against them several times.

EXO fans did not listen to the instructions of the staff members on site, they took photos and video recordings, chased the stars and blocked the street in front of the Inkigayo building.

After these events, even the other music shows considered banning the fans.

EXO then wrote some salted words in their fan café that no fans would behave like that. This helped a little and the situation calmed down a bit.

7. Not a day without camping in front of the building

For hours, every day, without a break. EXO-L literally camped in front of the building of SM entertainmentto get even a single blurry picture of one of the EXO members. The former photo archives of sites like Daily Exo are full of it.

You can find examples here, here and here. Even back then, shortly after their debut, the boys could hardly buy a snack in the nearest convenience store without being followed at every turn.

8. Insulted Wanna One for sitting further up front

Wanna One To put in front of EXO is a blasphemy. In addition, it is absolutely not possible to let someone perform before EXO, if they were clearly more popular.

9. They are particularly interested in BTS

In the article on the history of BTS it has already been hinted at. The fact is that it would have simply gone beyond the scope to list all the facts there. At this point, too, that would clearly go beyond the scope, so I'll limit myself to the worst, but still noteworthy, as they simply say so much about fandom:

  • Keep trying to prove how racist they are supposed to be.
  • Claim that BTS hosted Sajaegi (BLACKPINK uses “supercomputers” to manipulate the charts).
  • Spread the word that the first Daesang for BTS was given away to them from the awards show out of pity.
  • Jimin received death threats.
  • J-Hope was "recommended" several times to do the world a favor and kill himself.
  • When V said on stage that his grandmother had died, they suggested that he kill himself and lay with her in the grave.
  • Tried to pay journalists to write short articles about BTS.
  • Filed numerous petitions with the Blue House for BTS to be disbanded.
  • An EXO-L found out where V was during a day off. At that time he was in the cinema with his parents, EXO-Ls chased Sasaengs at him. When he fled from them, he is said to have cried.
  • Tried to prevent BTS from occurring at the BBMAs win by en masse for Justin Bieber voted.
  • Tried to spread the rumor that Taehyung was a misogynist and violent because of this video.

10. Sexual harassment towards EXO members

Finally comes the worst point. The band members, who they adore themselves so much, are (or rather have been) sexually molested by EXO-L on a regular basis.

It started when a bra was thrown on stage (unfortunately this often happens with many fans) and ended with a fan holding up a sign stating the band leader Suho asked to rape her. There is also a video of this:

And true EXO-L, who do not exceed their limits and therefore truly deserve the title “fan”, know: If Suho does not allow a skinship, he is really pissed off.

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