How should we stand against a traitor?

AC Valhalla: Find the traitor in 'Old Wounds' - Gerhild or Lork?

Hrolf, also called Rollo, asks us to find out whether Gerhild or Lork is the traitor.

Eivor is not spared difficult decisions in Assassin's Creed Valhalla. This also includes the choice of the traitor in the quest "Old Wounds". Here Rollo (actually Hrolf) was betrayed either by Gerhild or Lork. To find out the culprit we have to play a detective in the camp. Depending on how we decide, this has different consequences.

This is how you identify the traitor

In order to expose the traitor, we go on a search for clues (with Odin's vision). The clues can all be found out in the camp itself on objects and through conversations:

  • Examine the rabbit meat.
  • Investigate the bush where someone appears to have been hiding.
  • Talk to Gerhild and Lork and confront them with your findings.
  • Talk to Rollo.

The traitor is ...

After we have compiled and weighed up all the clues, it is clear who defrauded Rollo:

Warning: the following paragraph contains spoilers

Gerhild is the traitor! This is evident from the fact that she was even less likely to be a bad archer than Lork on the hunt. For this she met with an Englishman and is also not impressed that Rollo got involved with Estrid.
Lork was also not on the hunt, since the meat supply in the camp makes his statement unreliable. Instead, he hid in the bushes during the attack.


Warning: the following paragraph contains spoilers

If you have identified Gerhild as a traitor, then nothing happens to Estrid during the abduction fraud, as Lork sacrifices himself. However, if you are wrong and have chosen Lork, Estrid will be injured, but will not die.
Regardless of who you chose to betray, Rollo will end up joining you and the clan.

More traitors in "The Stench of Treason"

It's not just in Eastseaxe that we are looking for a traitor. We also start an investigation for Soma in order to find out in the end whether Birna, Lif or Galin was not loyal to her:

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