Can we have world peace and freedom

Peace issues

How can peace be achieved?

There are still too many weapons around the world. It is therefore important for countries to conclude agreements on disarmament and treaties for peaceful and non-violent cooperation.

Hunger and poverty are often an obstacle on the way to peace. The rich states and the people who live there must be ready to distribute things like raw materials and food more fairly.

Justice is also important in other areas if you want to achieve peace: in many countries, for example, children have to work and cannot go to school. That has to be changed.


What are peace negotiations?

When war opponents or enemies want to end a war, politicians or specially appointed representatives of those involved come together for peace negotiations.

Often advisors and mediators are also present to help in the search for a common solution, to encourage courage and to show that a future in peace brings more than war.

Peace negotiations often take a long time and sometimes they are secret. That is why there is seldom exciting news about it on television. Unless the negotiations are on the verge of failure or success.


Who decides about war and peace?

In democracies - such as Germany - people can vote in free and secret elections those politicians and parties who, in their opinion, are best committed to peace in Germany and in the world.

As early as the 18th century, the well-known German philosopher Immanuel Kant showed that democracies rarely wage war with one another. The more democracies there are in this world, the greater the chances for peace.

However, governments sometimes choose to participate in war against the will of the population.



Are there any plans for world peace?

Many people mean by world peace the end of all wars and conflicts between and within states. There are also terms such as freedom, justice and happiness. Many politicians and scientists believe that international organizations like the UN and alliances of states like the European Union are the most important contribution to world peace.

It has been shown worldwide that the closer states engage in joint politics and trade with one another, the more likely it is that conflicts with one another will be resolved through discussions.