1200 is enough to live in Dublin

Minimum wage to live reasonably well in Dublin?

  • ok, ok ... as I said, I have pretty high demands - I am moving into my own apartment (after sharing a house with only one person last year, the rent alone was 500 euros), is my own car a must (and insurance etc is not really cheap), mobile phone and landline with flat rate, was also a smoker until recently, drive a lot (Europe and shopping trips to Dublin etc), go to the theater and concerts regularly, have taken three sports courses and and and (I don't drink or eat much for that ...) I would NEVER get by with less than 25,000 a year ...
    But as I said, everything depends on the requirements ...

  • Ok, I also think that if I were to plan to move to Ireland forever, I would prepare myself differently in order to get other jobs as a call center in German.

    But since I don't have to live on almost anything here, I always tell myself, it really can't get any worse - Switzerland also has very high living costs. If I just look at your grocery lists now and then - and you think it's expensive in Ireland (yes, in contrast to Germany, I know, I live in the border triangle) - but come here, eh Rene - then you know what expensive groceries are .. Unfortunately

    And I think, even if I'm an older semester, I can (hopefully) get by with one room for a year like this.

    And I'll take the car with me - it will have to be seen whether there will be any money left for petrol

  • Wow what a great discussion again ?! Let's be honest, the comparison with the cord rocks! It just depends on whether you live shared or alone - whether you drink sparkling wine or seltzer - whether you smoke, drink. Whether you save or like to spend money.

    I think the whole thing can be calculated in advance pi times, I assumed that the cost of living in Ireland is 10-20 percent more expensive than in D. then took my German salary, added Christmas bonus and vacation bonus (not available in IRL, So include it right away) and then take the total 20% - I then asked for the result for the job and will now get it, if I hear what you deserve, I seem to be really good ...