Is there good food in New York

Eating in New York: The 10 Tastiest Foods and Where to Try Them

Diet on vacation? Not in New York! From pizza to cronut, try yourselves as a gourmet in New York and test all famous and trendy New York specialties with influences from all over the world. NY insider Alicia Drewnicki has the hot spots!

1. Pizza

Italian immigrants brought pizza to New York in the early 20th century, and it's always been a Big Apple specialty. There are a few different variants in the USA, but the typical New York pizza has a thin batter and on top light mozzarella with a classic marinara sauce. Pizza connoisseurs praise the water in New York that makes the dough taste so delicious. Definitely try it out!


Roberta's (261 Moore St, NY 11206). This pizza place on a quiet side street in the hipster area of ​​Bushwick in Brooklyn is loved by Bill Clinton to Beyoncé, including Jay-Z, even the stars and starlets. Roberta's specializes in large, wood-fired pizzas and uses herbs and fresh vegetables from their own garden.

Lombardi's (32 Spring Street, NY 10012.). Lombardi's is an old-school coal-fired pizzeria that claims to be the first pizzeria in the United States. If you want to try a fancy pizza, you should choose the Fresh Clam Pizza or the white pizza with a mix of mozzarella, ricotta and Romano cheese.

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2. Bagels

Making the unmistakable bagel with the hole in the middle, which has a nice crispy shine on the outside and is juicy soft on the inside, is considered a real art. Brought back by Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe in the 1880s, the New York bagels are some of the best in the world!


Absolute bagels (2788 Broadway, NY 10025). Satisfy your bagel craving with 16 different variations, including a very atypical pumpernickel variety, but also classics such as cinnamon-raisins and poppy seeds.

Murray’s bagels (500 Avenue of the Americas, NY 10011). "We don’t toast" is the motto of Murray’s bagels, which shows how fresh the bagels are there. Fish lovers should try the Eastern Nova Scotia Salmon and Cream Cheese Bagel Sandwich.

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3. Hot dogs

Originally from Germany, Charles Feltman began selling hot dogs on Coney Island in 1871. Since then, the hot sausage has become an essential New York fast food.


Crif Dogs (113 Saint Marks Place, NY 10009). The taste of the hot dog will surpass all your expectations. For the right kick, try the Spicy Red Neck, a sausage wrapped in bacon with chilli, coleslaw, and jalapeño chili peppers. You can also spice up your hot dog with avocado, sour cream, pineapple, melted cheese and more. And for a very special surprise, just look behind the hidden door in the phone booth and be amazed ...

Nathan’s Famous (1310 Surf Avenue, NY 11224). If you ended up on Coney Island, be sure to grab a hot dog from Nathan’s Famous, who have been serving their kosher beef hot dogs for over 90 years.

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4.Donuts and Cronuts (and Cragel and Bruffin)

Donuts are simply one of America's favorite desserts, so Homer Simpson is a prime example. New Yorkers are no exception and love the round, juicy cakes with the hole in the middle and the colorful icing. The trendy cronut, a mixture of donut and croissant, has also been making the rounds since 2013. But be careful: the next trends are already coming, so be sure to try a cragel (a mix of croissant and bagel) and a bruffin (mix of brioche and muffin) if you discover one.


Dun-Well Donuts (222 Montrose Avenue, NY 11206). This famous vegan organic bakery offers no less than 200 (!) Different donuts in rotation, which offer very unusual variants such as chai tea, raspberry pistachio, root beer (the famous American herbal lemonade - without alcohol, mind you) and Mexican chocolate.

Dominique Ansel Bakery(189 Spring St, NY 10012). If you'd rather (or additionally) indulge in the cronut craze, then you should go to the Dominique Ansel bakery. Every month there is a new exotic taste, such as strawberry balsamic vinegar or mascarpone with basil sugar.

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5. New York cheesecake

Anyone who loves the American version of the cheesecake will definitely want the New York Cheesecake. Restaurant owner Arnold Reuben claimed to have invented the first cheesecake in 1929 and the recipe quickly got around and the dish can now be found on all dessert menus in the city (yes, you could almost say across the country).


Junior’s(386 Flatbush Avenue, NY 11201 and other locations). Junior’s have been around since 1950 and, according to their old slogan, you haven't really lived until you've tried a Junior’s cheesecake. Well then, try it out!

Eileen’s(17 Cleveland Place, NY10012). Anyone who has to or wants to make special exceptions from a dietary point of view will feel at home at Eileen's, as there are sugar-free, low-fat, gluten-free and dairy-free options. The cheesecakes are light, not too sweet and come with a special cookie crust.

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6. Pastrami sandwich

The kosher butcher Sussman Volk created the first pastrami sandwich back in 1887, inventing the iconic New York dish. Pastrami is usually made from beef and is pickled, pressed, smoked and steamed with dried herbs and spices


Katz Delicatessen(205 East Houston Street, NY 10002). The Katz Deli has been around since 1888 and is best known for the film Harry and Sally (the famous scene in the restaurant was filmed there). Katz Deli is THE place for a decent pastrami sandwich; tender slices of beef pastrami are stacked between soft rye bread slices, with a dollop of mustard on top and sour pickles as a side dish.

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7. Cupcakes

And we go back a little further in the history of American food: The famous cupcakes, which have now made it across the ocean and arrived in Europe, were mentioned as early as 1796 in an American cookbook with baking instructions for small cakes. The competition at cupcake shops in [New York] ( is great and there are numerous temptations for lovers of sweet little cakes .


Magnolia Bakery (401 Bleecker Street, NY 10014). The cupcakes made it on TV too, Magnolia Bakery was featured in Sex and The City and it's the ideal bakery to try a perfect Red Velvet cupcake.

Georgetown cupcakes (111 Mercer St, New York, NY 10012). The selection of cupcakes is simply huge: There are over 20 different cupcakes and the selection changes almost every day. Georgetown Cupcakes is a true cupcake empire and there are several patisseries across America!

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8. Hamburger

There are numerous theories about the origin of the burger and its relationship to the city of Hamburg. Legend has it that the first Hamburgers were given to homesick German sailors in the 19th century to remind them of their hometown Hamburg. Either way, if you want to try the delicious burgers, you will find it in New York.


Balthazar Restaurant(80 Spring Street, NY 10012.). Nicely grilled with a thick slice of melted cheese and crispy fries as a side dish, the Balthazar cheeseburgers are a bit more expensive than in many fast food shops, but they are definitely worth it.

Shake shack (Madison Square Park and other locations). The Shake Shack chain is now spreading worldwide, but began in New York in 2004. There you should try a 100% All-Natural Angus Beef Burger and vegetarians can enjoy the Shroom Burger (filled with a cultivated mushroom, also known as Portobello Mushroom) and order curly fries as a side dish.

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9. Brunch

Brunch isn't a specialty in the strict sense of the word, but it seems to be New Yorkers' favorite meal. So if you want to experience New York pure, you should have brunch and stuff yourself with pancakes, French toast and other late breakfast goodies.


Clinton St. Baking Company(4 Clinton Street, NY 10002). Famous for fluffy blueberry pancakes with warm maple syrup (a must for pancakes), you can get ready for culinary excellence at the Clinton S. Baking Company.

Roebling Tea Room (143 Roebling Street, NY 11211). In the cozy tea room in Williamsburg there is an extensive brunch menu, which offers dishes such as baked cheddar eggs with raisin and fennel toast, potato sandwich, smoked salmon platter and the popular big baked pancake.

10. And many more delicacies ...

With so many different restaurants in New York City, picking just ten specialties is difficult. If you want to eat a little unusual, why not try one of the following restaurants:

Veselka(144 2nd Avenue, NY 10003). A Ukrainian restaurant that is open 24 hours a day! Be sure to try the pierogi (stuffed mushrooms) with sour cream, fried onions and apple sauce.

Kenka (25 St Marks Pl, NY 10003). Delicious Japanese restaurant with crazy decor. You get a small mug of pink sugar with your bill so you can try the vintage floss machine when you go out.

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