Kinky Halloween costumes are viewed as disrespectful

Sexy witches and ghosts: Halloween in the swingers club

Halloween is not only the festival of seductive ghosts and sexy witches, but also of exuberant sex parties. Many swinger clubs offer frivolous erotic & swinger meetings on Halloween weekend and invite you to a scary erotic dance. Where else, please, can you spend the night with wild witches? We have summarized a selection of the most interesting events for you in this article. The best: at one or the other event, a very special surprise awaits exclusively for members. But more of that later.

Is a disguise compulsory at a Halloween party?

It differs from club to club. Some Swinger clubs give special dress codes on Halloween, others see the dress code a little more relaxed. Scary costume or not - you should make yourself sexy in any case, after all, you want to experience one or the other erotic adventure in the club. A joker or witch face made up down to the last detail is certainly creepy - but not always durable. It doesn't have to be, because at the latest when it becomes more intimate, at some point you don't care if the made-up masks are really dirty in the heat of the sex action, or how do you see it?

These clubs offer erotic Halloween parties:

Insomnia: Dia de los Muertos

BerlinOctober 28 | 22 O `clock

The Insomnia is a real institution in Berlin's fetish scene. As a mixture of party, swingers and fetish clubs, the club is open to all hedonists and swinger lovers. On October 28th it will be particularly gruesome: in Mexican tradition, the festival of the dead - el Dia de los Muertos - is celebrated. Important: The party dress code is "Sexy Halloween" - fetish costumes are also welcome.

With this voucher, members receive a 10 percent discount on the regular admission price.

Bohemian 54 in Sweet was yesterday

Berlin10/30 | 22 O `clock

It's getting hot. It will be glittering. It gets eccentric. Although the Bohemian 54 is not a swinger event in the conventional sense, visitors can expect an exuberant, hedonistic hustle and bustle. For one evening, the Friedrichshain cult bar “Süß war Gestern” is transformed into a gruesome, glittering playground. A dark room is available for more intimate gimmicks (-> sex).

With this voucher, members pay only 5 euros at the box office.

Biggi’s Lounge: Creepy hot Halloween party night

MönchengladbachOctober 31 | 8 p.m.

Attractive ghosts and ghosts, magical witches and sexy vampires - Biggi’s Lounge is particularly hot on October 31. Unusual costumes and Halloween disguises are expressly desired. If you don't have any ideas for a suitable outfit yet, no problem: on the day of the event, a professional make-up artist is at your side with advice and action. There is so much to discover in Biggi’s Lounge on over 400 square meters: in addition to a dance floor, an inviting bar and lounge area, you also have a wellness area with whirlpool and sauna.

With this voucher, members receive a great discount on the regular admission price.

Blue Heaven: Heaven's Halloween

Gelsenkirchen31.10 | 19 o'clock

“Up front: party, fun and fun, spontaneous sex in front of strangers. In the back: gang bang, bukkake and unbridled lust. ”The Halloween party in Gelsenkirchen's Blue Heaven promises to be wild, erotic and uninhibited. Sex is allowed throughout the club. The well-tried swinger motto applies: Everything can, nothing has to.

Which swinger clubs are there near me?

In our Event overview you will find countless frivolous meeting places from all over Germany. There is sure to be a swingers club near you. And if you are still looking for a nice companion for an erotic Halloween adventure, take a look at ours Personals. Here you will find many sympathetic men and women from your area.

What do you do on Halloween? What do you dress up as? Let us know your party and weekend plans in the comments.

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