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Spiritual depth

Spiritual depth It is important to live spiritual depth in everyday life. It is important to bring spiritual depth into yoga practice and yoga lessons again and again. One of the most successful and popular seminars at Yoga Vidya is called "Bringing Spiritual Depth into Yoga Classes". It is a further training course for yoga teachers, you can find it on Yoga Vidya.

Spiritual depth - explained from a yoga point of view

What is spiritual depth


When you meditate, don't just meditate mechanically. For example, read a spiritual book before meditation. Then sit down quietly, maybe sing "Om" and repeat a mantra. Sit motionless, breathe deeply and then - in order to come to the spiritual depth - become aware of the meaning and purpose of meditation. Say a prayer about devotion, and whatever your meditation technique, do it with depth and intensity!

Hatha yoga

When you practice Hatha Yoga, make yourself aware: Hatha Yoga is not only physical exercise, relaxation, coordination and body awareness, but Hatha Yoga also wants to bring you to your spiritual core. Be aware of the way in which you want to bring spiritual depth into Hatha Yoga. Maybe with Prana or by focusing on the chakras, maybe by activating Kundalini. Perhaps also through devotion to God, and by practicing the asanas, you are doing them as a full body worship of God. Or also from Jnana Yoga: You observe the body, you detach yourself from it and make yourself aware: “I am the immortal self.” Or practice the asanas as a means to bring the mind to rest and God at rest to experience.

Always bring spiritual depth into your practice. Do not rely on the mechanical performance of meditation, mantra chanting, or yoga practice alone to lead you to enlightenment. Keep thinking: "How can I bring in spiritual depth?"

Spiritual depth in everyday life

Of course, you can also bring spiritual depth into everyday life.


You can do that when dealing with your partner: You can meditate together, look each other in the eye, establish heart-to-heart connection, and divine love can arise from the love you have for one another.


If you go out into nature, you can bring spiritual depth to the walk too. Turn off the chatter of your mind for a few minutes and let nature work its magic on you. Feel mother earth and heaven, expand your heart. This will give your walk spiritual depth.

House work

The same applies to housework: you can also enrich it with spiritual depth by offering everything to God. Realize that you are doing all of this for God. You make your apartment, your house, your room clean for God - it is ultimately God's abode. There are supposed to be spiritual vibrations there, so do it for God, and so you bring spiritual depth into it.

These are just a few examples. Basically you can give a spiritual depth to everything you do with mantra chanting and recitation, with prayer and awareness, with offering to God. What helps you to experience spiritual depth?

Video Spiritual depth

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Author / speaker: Sukadev Bretz, founder of Yoga Vidya, seminar leader on the topics of yoga and meditation.

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