Where does BTS make fansigns


----------------------------- 6 p.m.

(.... Hoseok Sunshine Writes)

Hoseok Sunshine:You're already there?

I: We have just arrived. I see you!

Hoseok Sunshine:Everyone knows

so don't worry, we'll treat you like a fan;)

I: Okay I got it! See you soon ;)

Hoseok Sunshine: I'll be looking for you XD Get ready!

I smiled down at my cell phone. Hobie had finally answered. My eyes wandered around. There were an incredible number of fans here! It was loud and full. Many girls screamed and even cried. The boys' voices filled the shopping center where the autograph session takes place. They had been talking into microphones for a while and asked the fans how they were doing and whether they had already eaten ..... "YES!" Eun Mi screeched next to me in my ear, so that I covered it. Wasn't it loud enough here, now she has to scream too ?! My gaze stopped on Yoongi and my fingers began to shake nervously. Why did he look so incredibly good? The blue sweater was just perfect for him, but why did he look so sad?

My heart beat loud and clear against my chest as if it wanted to jump out and run to him, it wanted to put itself in his beautiful hands and rest there. Treacherous heart! Again in the last 2 days I wondered when did I start to fall in love with him? When did I start to see him no longer as a grumpy cat but as a savior in white armor? When did he start to heal the wound in my heart my ex had left there and make him forget about me?

He also knew that I would be here. Had he been pleased about it? He doesn't look like that! His eyes flickered over the crowd as did Hobies. I tore my eyes away from Yoongi and watched Hobie for a moment. He hadn't discovered me yet, but Tae discovered me. He started waving and grinning like a honey cake horse that had found a muffin. He nudged Hobie to point to me. Hobie's face lit up suddenly when he saw me and his sunshine smile made me forget how