Is the German language declining


declining (German) [edit]


Word separation:

zurück · läu · fig, comparative: zurück · läu · fi · ger, superlative: am zurück · läu · figs · th


IPA: [ˈʁʏkˌlɔɪ̯fɪç], [ˈʁʏkˌlɔɪ̯fɪk]
Audio samples: declining (Info)


[1] so that it becomes a little less
[2] without increase: returning to a starting point
[3] Astronomy, without increase: "Follow the main direction of rotation in a rotating system [d]"[1]
[4] Linguistics, without increase: sorting by the last and previous letter


[1] decreasing, reversing, decreasing
[3] retrograde

Opposite words:

[3] quite right


[1] "Since 2012, however, Chinese state-owned companies have been investing in the US declining.[2]
[3] “The equatorial plane is inclined by 122.53 ° to the plane of the orbit, so Pluto rotates declining.[3]
[4] Wiktionary contains declining Word list in several languages.

Characteristic word combinations:

[4] declining dictionary

Translations [edit]

References and further information:

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