What is photosensitivity

Reasons for the photosensitivity of the eyes

Photosensitivity, also known as photophobia, or photophobia, is a sensory disorder of the eyes. Those affected react extremely strongly to light - it does not matter whether this comes from an artificial (e.g. LED lamp) or natural (sun) light source.

Photosensitivity symptoms

Typical symptoms of photosensitivity are an increased reaction of the eyes to bright light. This can lead to burning in the eyes, tearing, headaches when exposed to direct light, “flickering” vision and even pain in the eyes. The symptoms can occur over a longer period of time or even acutely, e.g. in the course of a migraine attack.

causesthePhotosensitivity - Where Does It Come From?

Sensitivity to light occurs when the nerve cords of the eyeball nerve react more intensely to the influence of light. This "overreaction" of the body can appear as a symptom of various diseases. For example, inflammation of the vascular skin of the iris or inflammation of the cornea can lead to photosensitivity. But diseases such as meningitis, total color blindness, a concussion or migraines can also result in sensitivity to light.

However, it does not always have to be illnesses behind the sensitivity to light. External influences can also cause (short-term) sensitivity to light. Sunburn, injuries to the eye or the incorrect use of contact lenses can lead to sensitivity to light, which then usually subsides after a relatively short time.

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Treatment of photosensitivity - when should you see a doctor?

It is not always necessary to see a doctor if you are sensitive to light. However, depending on the context and intensity of the restrictions and pain, a visit to the doctor is advisable.
For example, if you have frequent migraines and you feel a sensitization in your eyes that disappears after the migraine, it is not absolutely necessary to see a doctor. However, as soon as you feel restricted in everyday life (over a longer period of time) or even experience pain, you should consult a doctor. They can explain the possible causes of photosensitivity to you and help you with suitable treatment.