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Locksmith The Hague | We open your door from € 85 with no hidden costs!

We offer you transparent prices. We guarantee that you will not experience any nasty surprises with us in the form of completely inflated bills. Slotenmaker The Hague (SDH) (Locksmith The Hague) is a cheap, local expert. We do the door opening and all other locksmith work at completely customer-friendly prices.

Hidden costs?

Who doesn't know the infamous decoy offers with hidden costs? This is exactly what gave the emergency services industry the bad reputation it now has. We categorically differentiate ourselves from this and instead consistently rely on transparent and fair fixed prices, which we clearly present directly on our website.

Precise information will help!

Unfortunately, it is difficult to predict the cost of door opening, repair, and replacement without accurate information about your location, type of door and lock, type of security measures, and so on. Please give us a call to arrange a cost estimate before making an appointment. If you are not in a hurry, please use our contact form.

Which Parameters are included in the prices of a locksmith?

The flat rate for arrival and departure is very cheap, which is very rare for a locksmith. Please keep in mind that a car has a lot of wear parts and that gasoline has become very expensive. We also have to calculate the time for arrival and departure. Many companies in the industry already charge over a hundred euros just for the journey! In general, you have to be very careful when looking for a suitable locksmith in every city!

Local businesses are cheaper!

For example, if you contact a large key service center that takes over several cities, it can quickly happen that you have to pay up to many hundreds of euros for a simple door opening. Therefore, it is better to contact a local locksmith directly who will provide you with a serious picture with price information on their side, just like with us.

As a customer, you naturally want to know how the price for opening a door is made up, for example. We understand that you would like to know and explain below what the price is made up of. We guarantee price transparency!

Working time / assembly costs

Craft businesses and key emergency services normally calculate their performance in terms of labor values. As is customary in most companies, every quarter of an hour or part thereof is charged. The hourly rate for key emergency services is around € 85. The travel expenses, which are billed as normal working hours, are often forgotten. Consumer-friendly key services also bill here for every quarter of an hour or part thereof.

Wage supplements

Another cost factor are the wage supplements, which are based on the respective collective agreements and are often prescribed. In our opinion, such surcharges are justified, since a key emergency service is ready for use at all times and is available to the customer with technical services. It should be noted here that only the assembly costs are charged. The following surcharges are common:

  • 50% late shift surcharge and night shift surcharge from 8:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.
  • No weekend surcharge!
  • No holiday surcharge!

Material and wear costs

The use of expensive special tools is required for damage-free and high-quality emergency door openings. These are subject to high wear and tear and must therefore be included in the cost. If there are many emergency door openings, the locking system must be replaced. The fitter uses a new system for this, which, depending on the quality, has a purchase price between € 25 and € 200. These material costs must of course be borne by the customer.

24-hour emergency service flat rate

Many locksmiths charge a 24-hour emergency service flat rate. This is justified because the permanent availability of the fitters, as well as the staff of the emergency service, results in higher personnel costs. An office often has to be manned day and night to ensure 24-hour readiness.


If you take into account the items listed above, in our opinion prices for an emergency door opening between 70 and 270 euros (depending on the difficulty of opening) are justified. Higher costs arise in particular if night surcharges and holiday surcharges or the installation of a new locking system is necessary. The fitter of a locksmith company has the duty to inform his customers in advance about additional costs.

One should also not forget that usually no normal craft services are used, but an emergency service. The constant availability and the unusual working hours result in costs that have to be remunerated accordingly. A comparison: The emergency service of the fire brigade costs a flat rate of € 800, regardless of the distance.

Verbal disputes and even legal proceedings are often the result of a lack of communication between the fitter and the customer. In order to avoid something like this, every locksmith should tell his customer in advance meet with transparent and fair prices.

No extra fees or surcharges for visits!

Whether you need us during normal business hours or in the middle of the night and whether on a normal working day or on a public holiday or weekend does not matter!

  • No extra charges for holidays and weekends
  • Door openings at a fixed price
  • With no hidden costs
  • Gentle openings
  • Non-destructive with simple closed doors
  • Local key emergency service in Heidelberg
  • Fast journey (> 30 min.)

Time & Distance

We also offer customer-friendly prices for night and public holidays. On weekends and public holidays, as well as at night, surcharges are not charged! How much time is required for the order is also price-relevant, whereby a door opening should generally not take longer than five minutes. But please ask the fitter on site for the exact prices. Our employees are all local and we try to work locally. This is the only way we can ensure that you get help within 30 minutes!


Quality of materials

The price of the materials vary significantly depending on the quality, brand and appearance. We carry locks, cylinders, keys and all kinds of security equipments and equipments. We can also supply you with SKG *, SKG ** and SKG *** certified materials. We also provide keys that cannot be duplicated (with a certificate). All of these items have different prices.

We can offer a standard SKG ** cylinder for € 35, - (DOM, Oxloc) but a certified SKG *** cylinder costs between € 200 to 300 euros. With such a bewildering variety of materials and qualities, it is not surprising that customers are confused! You need an expert you can trust!

Please always try to make an estimate!

Our staff will always do their best to give you a reliable estimate. They will also do their best to make sure a technician arrives on time. The more information you can provide us, the easier it will be to give you a reliable estimate. Education is very useful for getting a good understanding of the situation and your needs! You can use our contact form to send us pictures and information

The faster and better the information, the faster and better we can provide you with the right material and equipment.


  • In special exceptional cases the prices can be higher! Our operators will always inform you if this is the case!
  • All agreements, including verbal agreements, are binding in Holland.
  • You can cancel an appointment, but if you cancel less than 30 minutes before an appointment, we have the right to 75% cancellation fee! See our terms and conditions
  • All prices include VAT (21%) labor and 5 year, 100% refund guarantee
  • We offer special discounts of up to 15% in some areas
  • In special exceptional cases the prices can be higher! For example, if it is very crowded we hire additional help. In case of extreme urgency, we have to reschedule our agenda. For this reason, always ask for an estimate! Avoid disappointments and unpleasant surprises!
  • Discounts are intended to encourage local businesses to protect the environment.

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