Why does everyone believe in hard work

"I believe in hard work"

Markus Kauczinski should turn the tide at Dynamo Dresden. The first test for the new head coach of the relegation-threatened second division club awaits on Sunday with the away game at VfL Osnabrück. Before its premiere, however, Kauczinski warns against expectations that are too high: »I don't believe in magic or spell. I believe in hard work. With the right spirit, energy and commitment, things can come about. Perhaps not overnight, but little by little. ”With these words, the 49-year-old exudes exactly the calm and sovereignty that the troubled traditional club had recently lacked. However, he can also get emotional, emphasized Kauczinski. “But I am only there where it is appropriate. Not in a vacuum, but in the dressing room. ”The Gelsenkirchen native has learned to use emotions correctly:“ When it works for the players and not for the cameras. ”

As a coach, Kauczinski can look back on the experience of 161 second division and ten first division games. After his release from FC St. Pauli in April, the football teacher did not retire, which is why he is very familiar with Dynamo's squad. Nevertheless, Kauczinski wants to use the two weeks until the winter break to get to know all the players even more intensively. Now is the time to see who is capable of playing football under pressure. »Because the relegation battle continues until the last day of the game. Everyone now has the opportunity to show themselves, «explained Dresden's new man on the bench.

At the beginning he has to dare a difficult balancing act. Losing is almost forbidden in the last two games before the winter break in Osnabrück and Nuremberg, even if Kauczinski reassures: »Every game is important, but it's not yet a final. I've had real finals in my life and I know what that means. "

Serious changes in tactics and game behavior are currently not to be expected. "He's not going to put any template on the team that doesn't do it justice," said Sports Director Ralf Minge. Kauczinski prefers to consolidate familiar processes and a basic framework. The last home game against Sandhausen was a first step. Interim coach Heiko Scholz switched to a 4-2-3-1 system in the draw and placed greater emphasis on a stable defense. “It wasn't a football magic that you can voluntarily burn onto DVD again. But it was a team that fought and had a basic order. You can go on there, ”said Kauczinski.

The new coach will continue to work with Scholz at his side. Whether a second assistant coach will follow should be decided during the winter break. Then Kauczinski also wants to think about the captaincy. Predecessor Cristian Fiel had chosen four captains. “Only one person can wear the armband,” said his successor, and announced that he would only deal with the subject when he “has got a feeling for the players and has established who is capable of such an office to be filled in. " dpa / nd

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